WA welcomes International Graphite milestone

The Western Australian Government has celebrated the successful start-up of International Graphite’s new graphite micronization plant in Collie.

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Yesterday, the company announced that the qualification-scale ultrafine grinder will have a capacity of 200 tonnes per annum (tpa), making it the largest qualification-scale ultrafine grinder in Australia.

The new facility will be the precursor to a 4,000tpa commercial micronization facility, which International Graphite expects to be operational in Collie within the next 18 months.

The government in Washington says it has received inquiries from potential customers around the world seeking micronized graphite for industrial and battery applications.

Micronized graphite is the first step in the production of battery anode materials for battery-driven technologies such as electric vehicles and green energy storage.

“Congratulations to International Graphite on this important next step,” said WA Premier Roger Cook.

“It’s great to see funding from the State Government’s Collie Futures Fund encouraging companies like International Graphite to choose Collie as their location.”

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The project is supported by the Collie Futures Fund, a five-year, $20 million initiative to promote economic diversity and job creation in the Collie region.

The government in Washington has invested more than $660 million to provide a just transition for Collies. The Just Transition Framework focuses on supporting workers, industries and communities to transition away from carbon-intensive industries.

“As part of a just transition, our government is committed to working with communities and industry to build a strong future for Collies and create quality local jobs across a range of industries,” Cook said.

International Graphite plans to establish a fully integrated mine-to-market graphite business in Western Australia through a graphite mine and concentrate production facility in Springdale and a battery anode facility in Collie.

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