New Technology Transforms Old Gold Mine To A Source Of Future Employment

Under a proposal supported by the Palaszczuk Government’s ‘Invested in Queensland’ program, modern technology will breathe a new lease of life into what was once the world’s largest gold mine thereby creating more than 130 new direct jobs.

Gold mine
Gold mine

Mount Morgan gold mine

Cameron Dick, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment, stated that the Heritage Minerals-led project to revitalize the Mount Morgan gold mine would benefit the local community financially and environmentally.

“Since its proud history as the world’s largest gold mine in the early 1900s, Mount Morgan has been under State Government management for nearly 30 years to remediate legacy environmental and safety risks,” the Treasurer stated.

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“Heritage Minerals’ proposal to build a tailings processing plant on the property is a game changer, with the potential to process nearly 10 million tons of existing gold ore tailings and recover an estimated 263,000 ounces of gold and 5,600 tonnes of copper.”

“By re-commercializing the remaining resources, the project would create up to 133 full-time local jobs and generate nearly $40 million in new mining royalties to the state over its first seven years of operation.”

Scott Stewart, Minister of Resources, stated that this is an example of the resources industry continuing to promote good jobs in the region.

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