Ambassador Program Set To Inspire The Next Generation Of Workers

With an increasing emphasis on technology, environmentalism, diversity, and inclusion; the mining industry has changed dramatically. However, industry experts opine that more may be needed to encourage young people to explore career opportunities in the sector.


The next generation of workers is necessary for the industry

According to Will Meyer, director of marketing and communications for the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR), “It’s become obvious that we need a deeper labor pool to meet demand. Attracting, recruiting and developing the next generation of workers is necessary for the industry’s sustainability and growth”.

To this end, the MiHR and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) have launched the “We Need Mining. Mining Needs You” initiative, which invites industry representatives to become ambassadors who address the youth about the industry and its career opportunities.

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These Career ambassadors talk about their personal mining stories, provide guidance, and promote the sector to encourage young individuals to enroll in mining-related post-secondary education and eventually pursue mining careers. Launched in September, the program had already brought several ambassadors on board by mid-October.

“It’s a call to action. We want Saskatchewan represented in this national program and have individuals involved in the industry”, Meyer added.

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