Acland Coal Mine in Australia Given $1Billion Adrenaline Shot

Twelve years after the initial proposal, the controversial Acland Coal Mine extension has been given the green light to proceed. This development means additional jobs for the local economy. The region, where the unemployment rate is approximately 5.5%, will receive a $1 billion aid and will include 600 jobs on offer.

Acland Coal Mine
Acland Coal Mine

Initial earthworks have already started in the Acland Coal Mine, but New Hope hasn’t launched recruitment for the time being. Dave O’Dwyer, General Manager of New Hope, said that there was already significant interest in jobs.

Acland Coal Mine is expected to start working early next year

O’Dwyer said that some previous employees and engineers had hinted at going back to the region to work in the mine. “A lot of people had moved and worked in the Bowen Basin…doing long commutes…away from their families,” he said. “Some of our engineers went right up to Moranbah on a 10-day roster.”

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Around 80 to 100 workers are expected to start working in the mine early next year. More than 400 employees will be required when the mine becomes 100% operational. A large number of former New Acland Coal Mine Workers had shown interest – potentially including Junior mining engineers who had previously been fired between 2019 and late 2021 when the reserves of coal were exhausted.

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