CEO Of Talon Metals Corp. Praised President Joe Biden And Congress

Infrastructure investment and jobs plan that included considerable budgetary support…

Infrastructure investment and jobs plan that included considerable budgetary support for EV adoption, EV charging infrastructure, and more than $6 billion for growing battery materials production capacity in the United States was signed into law by President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. President Joe Biden and Congress have been praised by Talon Metals Corp, which is investing in the high-grade Tamarack nickel-copper-cobalt project in Minnesota.

As demand for electric car battery materials grows, Talon Metals is expanding its massive Tamarack nickel project in Minnesota.

EV raw materials may have to be supplied locally, and the business has one of the few undeveloped nickel assets in the US.

According to Talon’s CEO, “Members from both parties supported funding for critical minerals processing, which will allow the US to leapfrog legacy processing approaches and deploy modern, lower carbon technology at large scale to ensure security of domestic supply in essential battery materials like nickel,” Talon stated.

To position the United States as a worldwide leader in battery manufacture for both electric vehicles and energy storage, Talon is ready to engage with possible technical partners and the United States government to develop nickel processing capacity.”

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Nickel was added to the US “critical minerals” list by the Biden administration.

Talon has signed an agreement with Carbon Capture Inc. to test its low-cost Direct Air Capture technology at the Tamarack Project.

On the Talon site, Talon is doing research and development on carbon reactive rocks that may be used to store carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere.

An 18-meter section of nickel-copper-cobalt mineralization was discovered in the CGO East region of Talon Metals’ Tamarack nickel-copper-cobalt project in Minnesota, found in 13 fresh drill holes. The business claims that the latest findings reveal the potential for grades and size outside of Tamarack’s primary resource region. He highlighted that Talon’s CGO East target covers an area of 500 meters by 900 meters in both directions.

More than 600 meters north-south of continuous high-grade nickel and copper mineralization has been confirmed by new assay findings and previous drill hole data in the CGO East region.

According to Talon’s director of climate strategy, Todd Malan, “the bipartisan infrastructure bill not only promotes US leadership in EV battery materials, but it offers considerable financing for Direct Air Capture and carbon storage.” “Another crucial investment in the battle against climate change is Direct Air Capture (DAC) and carbon mineralization, both of which reduce emissions and provide long-term storage. This novel strategy can be pioneered in Minnesota because of its particular geology.”

Third-quarter statistics from Talon reveal that capitalized exploration expenses and deferred expenditures on the Minnesota project were $14.2 million compared to $2.3 million in 3Q 2020. Administration expenses and stock option compensation led to a $1.5 million net loss in the third quarter of 2019.

Rio Tinto and Talon have an earn-in to acquire up to 60% of the Tamarack site.

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