Nornickel physical (ETC) in Global Palladium Fund (GPF)

Nornickel, the biggest palladium, and high-grade nickel producer globally is…

Nornickel, the biggest palladium, and high-grade nickel producer globally is the only physically supported nickel-neutral exchange traded commodity (ETC) in its Global Palladium Fund (GPF).

The new ETC, which targets institutional investors, has a low investment cost, and its overall cost ratio is 0,75%. The minimum investment is $ 100,000, and daily assessments on the Vienna Stock Exchange are available (the Vienna Stock Exchange). The carbon-neutral metal was first tokenized on the Blockchain platform Atomyze before the exchange problem took place.

In 2019-2010, the carbon credits included in the carbon-neutral nickel ETC constitute Nornickel’s carbon saving. The international auditor EY has validated the amount of the emissions of Nornickel, and the technology underlying the computation has been certified by Sphera GmbH, the top European environmental and sustainability expert.

Since 2013 Nornickel and Sphera have collaborated on CO2 emissions from the Company. The statistics recorded demonstrate the long-term dedication and plan of Nornickel to reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions from underground ore mining to treatment and refining at all stages of the manufacturing chain.

The energy savings were achieved by upgrading the hydroelectrical power station that supplies Nornickel’s manufacturing sites in the Norilsk Industrial District and by upgrading and repairing of power equipment, the automatic control and metering system, the reduction of heat losses in buildings and pipelines, and the decommissioning of outdated power units.

Carbon-neutral ETC nickel

“Carbon-neutral ETC nickel is another significant milestone for Nornickel and is a testimony to our commitment to the global climate change agenda,” said Anton Berlin, Nornickel’s Vice President of Sales & Distribution. This news today adds to our goal to be the top green metal producer. It emphasizes the appeal of the low-carbon commodity portfolio, which provides a transparent and fully verified sustainable metal source.”

“This is another concrete criterion that has been fulfilled, and we can deliver the world’s first carbon-neutral, ETC nickel to market due to Nornickel’s dedication to reducing emissions. Investors may benefit from low-cost nickel availability, which is essential for the shift to clean energy in terms of knowing that it is mined and manufactured ethically.”.”

Carbon-reducing Nickel ETC is a further addition to GPF’s six Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Nickel, Copper physically-backed, low-cost Metal ETCs, which now appear on the Xetra list. The ETCs may also be used on Borsa Italiana, LSE, Xtra, and SIX products.

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Nornickel created the Global Palladium Fund L.P. in 2016 to assist Nornickel as one of the world’s leaders in the palladium sector. The fund aims to provide an international financial platform for collaboration with significant holders of the existing palladium stocks and other metals, stimulate the demand for metals for industry and investment, and decrease palladium’s overall market volatility. Here you may find out more about the fund.

MMC Norilsk Nickel is the world’s biggest palladium and nickel producer and a significant producer of copper and platinum, a diversified mining and metalworking business. Cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium and other goods are also manufactured by the Company.

Norilsk Nickel Group’s manufacturing plants are situated in the Industrial districts of Norilsk, in Russia, in the Kola Peninsula, and in Zabaykalsky Krai, in Finland and South Africa.

The shares of MMC Norilsk Nickel are traded on the US and London, Berlin, and Francfort Bonds on the Moscow and the Saint-Petersburg Börsen.

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