World’s Top 5 Nickel Mining Stocks

The mining industry has been one of the most highly researched industries due to its importance in our daily lives. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the World, and the demand for nickel mining companies is increasing. This is because nickel is a valuable metal used in many different products.

Nickel Mining Stocks

Nickel Mining Stocks

The mining industry has been one of the most highly researched industries due to its importance in our daily lives. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the World, and the demand for nickel mining companies is increasing. This is because nickel is a valuable metal used in many different products. The nickel mining stocks are growing, and it is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the World. In recent years, many technological advances have enabled nickel mining companies to become more efficient. 

The first thing you ought to comprehend about nickel mining companies is that they are not a very common subject. They are the biggest and most profitable industry in the World. A company in the nickel mining business is a company that mines and processes nickel.

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A company with nickel mining operations also has other precious metals such as gold, copper, and silver. It also has other products like fertilizers and chemicals. It can be used to produce products like paint, fertilizer, anti-fouling agents, etc.

As the nickel mining stocks are not a very common subject, this much information is not enough. Therefore, this article will take a deep dig into top nickel mining stocks. This includes the following topics: 

  • World’s top nickel mining stocks
  • Best nickel mining stocks 
  • Top Nickel Mining stocks 2020 
  • Top Nickel Mining stocks 2021 by country 
  • The requirement for nickel in the energy transition 
  • The future of nickel mining and processing 

Gaining the information on the topics mentioned above will surely benefit you on the subject of nickel mining stocks. So, without squandering any time, let’s look at it part by part. 

Although nickel has long been recognized as an essential element in the production of batteries, plating, and steel, the US Geological Survey has recently included it on their recommended list of vital minerals.

Nickel mining firms will be at the forefront of providing the World with the nickel it requires as nations and industries become more aware of the significance of nickel for the development of environmentally friendly technology.

Experts estimate that the 850 kt of nickel that the top ten nickel mining firms extract is worth around $17.3 billion. And both output and price are anticipated to increase in tandem with rising nickel demand.

Company Market Cap Production
Nornickel$48B236.0 kt
Vale$59B214.7 kt
Glencore$64B110.2 kt
BHP$134B80.0 kt
Anglo American$50B44.0 kt,

Therefore, the World’s top nickel mining stocks and best nickel mining stocks are these five companies. Continue reading to know about the top nickel Mining stocks in 2020. 

Nornickel, a miner and smelter of nickel and palladium, paved its way to the top of the list of nickel mining companies with 236 kt of nickel produced in 2020. The vast preponderance of this production came from Nornickel’s Norilsk division of flagship properties in Russia.

Because renewable electricity accounts for 46 percent of Nornickel’s total energy consumption, the firm is actively pursuing the creation of carbon-neutral nickel. To get started, the company plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 60,000–70,000 tonnes in 2022.

Nickel Mining Stocks

Vale is not far behind and has managed to become one of the best nickel mining stocks in terms of output and the targets it has set for its carbon impact. The Long Harbor processing plant in Newfoundland and Labrador, which is owned and operated by a company based in Brazil, generates nickel with a carbon footprint that is about a third of the average for the industry. It yields 4.4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per tonne of nickel, whereas the standard for the Nickel Institute is 13 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

The top two nickel mining companies generate more than half of the nickel that the top ten miners produce; hence, the efforts made by those companies to decarbonize will pave the way for the nickel mining sector.

Now that we have accumulated enough knowledge about the top nickel mining stocks 2020, it’s time to know the top nickel mining stocks 2021. 

Companies and governments alike have been keen to hop on nickel production and make their mark with the basic metal as demand for the commodity continues to increase.

Keeping this in mind, it is worthwhile to learn about the leading nickel-producing countries. 

Based on the most recent information from the United States Geological Survey, the Investing News Network has compiled this list of the top nickel Mining stocks 2021 by country. 


Indonesia, which now produces the most nickel of any country in the World, is a shining example of a nation eager to participate in the rapidly expanding market for nickel. In addition to having reserves of 21 million metric tonnes (MT), the country’s output reached just 345,000 MT in 2017, although it is projected to reach 1 million MT in 2021.

The electric vehicle (EV) battery sector in Indonesia is seeing significant expansion. The proximity of the country to China, which is now the leader in electric vehicle manufacturing worldwide, provides for an excellent situation. The nation celebrated the commissioning of its first factory in May 2021 to produce nickel for use in electric vehicle batteries. This plant was the nation’s first. According to the International Studies and Center for Strategic statements, seven other projects of this kind are apparently in the planning stages.


Since quite some time ago, the Philippines has been one of the leading countries in nickel production and has been an exporter of nickel ore. Nickel production in the leading nation dropped from 366,000 MT to 340,000 MT between 2017 and 2018 but has since climbed to 420,000 MT in 2019. This comes after the country suffered a slight setback in the previous year. 

On the other hand, the increasing trend didn’t last long because the country is still dealing with record rains, which has resulted in mining sites being inundated. There are now 30 nickel mines in the Philippines, another country located near China. Nickel Asia is one of the leading nickel ore producers in the Philippines. 


In spite of the fact that it is now ranked third on this list, Russia’s output of nickel has decreased over the course of the last few years. Nickel production in the country reached a total of 272,000 MT in 2018, but that number dropped to 250,000 MT in 2021.

One of the greatest producers of nickel and palladium in the World is located in Russia and goes by the name Norilsk Nickel (OTC Pink: NILSY, MCX: GMKN). Intending to expand its mining production by the year 2030, the firm plans to make an investment of US$35 billion into energy infrastructure enhancements over the following decade.

With this, it’s time to know about the essential role nickel plays in energy transmission. By knowing this, we will also understand why there is a dire need for more best nickel mining stocks. 

Nickel is the fuel for many of the technologies essential to the transition to a low-carbon energy system. And the mining process for nickel is also being decarbonized. The electrification of vehicles is exceptionally reliant on nickel. A single electric vehicle requires more than 87 pounds of nickel, which accounts for roughly one-fifth of all the required metals.

Nickel, which has a history of being used in nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries, is currently being utilized in lithium-ion batteries more frequently due to its higher energy density and cheaper cost in comparison to cobalt. 

Nickel has been employed in batteries for a long time. Because lithium-ion batteries require a rarer metal deposit known as nickel sulfides. Not all nickel is appropriate for creating lithium-ion batteries, which is another factor contributing to the growth in consumption.

Even though nickel laterites are the more frequent form of metal, they can still be important in crafting the alloys that make up the frames and the multiple gears used in wind turbines.

Additionally, it is necessary to operate nuclear power reactors, and nickel accounts for almost one-quarter of the metals required for each megawatt of electricity produced.

As we now know that nickel is one of the significant and essential metals, it’s time to understand what will happen with the best nickel mining stocks in the future or what is the mining and processing future of nickel?  

Because nickel is in such high demand for use in batteries and infrastructure for greener energy, it should come as no wonder that the worldwide demand for nickel is predicted to exceed the supply by 2024. 

The limited availability of high-grade nickel sulfide deposits and the large carbon footprint of mining those resources have encouraged researchers to investigate other strategies for extracting nickel.

The process of agro-mining involves the employment of plants that are known as hyperaccumulators. These plants can take metals from the soil through their roots. As a result, their leaves can contain as much as 4% nickel by dry weight. After being collected and burned, these plants are ultimately reduced to their ash, then processed to extract the nickel “bio-ore.”

Agro-mining is a procedure that not only helps detoxify contaminated soil but also provides us with metals such as nickel, lead, and cobalt using a method that requires less energy to complete.

New techniques, such as agro-mining, won’t be able to take the place of traditional mining any time soon. However, they will be an essential step in the right direction toward reducing the carbon footprint of the nickel processing sector and helping to close the future supply shortfall in nickel.

This article has covered the maximum information about the nickel Mining stocks 2020 and nickel Mining stocks 2021 along with top nickel mining stocks. However, to learn more about the mining sector, you can scroll the website of 

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