Top-notch Mineral Mining Hardware Software & Mobile Apps for 2022

Working within a mining enterprise may be a scary place if you don’t recognize what you’re doing. Regular training and understanding of the mineral mining hardware you’re working with play a vital role in every aspect of the industry.

Each sort of mining device comes with a unique set of mining activities. The most ordinary mining devices vary depending on whether the activity is carried below or out above the ground. The mining enterprise comes complete with the ideal tools from drilling machines to excavators, grinding, and crushing devices. New to the job and need to discover what all of it means? Here’s a number of the mineral mining hardware, software & mobile apps list that’ll assist you in gaining knowledge about the job.

Mineral Mining Hardware, Software, And Mobile Apps 

To get a clear picture of the prime tools for mining, we will discuss each category part by part. 

Mineral Mining Hardware Tools

Mining is an essential component of modern society due to the use of mined minerals in most consumer products. In addition, 50% of the country’s energy comes from coal or nuclear power using uranium.

Mineral Mining Drills

Perhaps it is one of the most common master devices in mineral mining hardware. Drills are a crucial part of underground mining operations. Underground mining takes place when rocks and minerals are at fair distances under the ground. However, they must be brought to the surface. Underground special mining equipment such as trucks, loaders, and excavators excavate the material. This material is hauled to the surface with lifts or skips for further processing. Drilling usually frees minerals from spoilage. 

Underground mining technology has evolved significantly in recent years, including the use of remote-controlled machines—drilling assists to create holes that fall into the ground. If a miner works underground, a drill ensures the size of the hole, i.e., we can check whether the hole is large enough to act as a miner’s access portal. Directional drilling is also a mining technique in which miners use tools and specific methods to drill wells.

Earth Movers

For surface mining, earth, and loose soil gets transported from one place to another with the help of earthmovers. This machinery plays an essential role in the mining industry and is one of the major mineral mining hardware. Its design work on large mining and excavation projects to make the process faster and more convenient. Besides this, it is used for digging, pushing, and transporting soil. Specialized operator skills are the only thing you’ll need.

Earthmovers are heavy mining devices without which the industry would struggle to survive as it works hand in hand with bulldozers. Earthmovers remove excess mass or waste, allowing the excavator to remove material or minerals of interest. Thereafter, bulldozers move this overloaded material to create a working surface for other tools such as trucks and excavators.

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Mineral Mining Software 

Mining companies need software solutions to manage mineral exploration and production, thus optimising the use of human resources and equipment. Like mineral mining hardware, Mining software can be used to estimate the financial potential of mineral deposits, manage the infrastructure needed to recover ore or track the movement of ore during the mining cycle.

Some solutions also provide land reclamation functionality for closed mines. Since mining projects require large investments, companies can use this software to reduce maintenance and production costs. It can also help mining companies to increase employee productivity through better planning.

Below is the list of the few finest software that can aid your mining process. 


Researchers and technologists can use Surfer mining software for 2D and 3D exploration, simulation, and evaluation. Surfer mining software, an advanced interpolation system, quickly converts XYZ data into publication-quality charts. On the globe, virtually any element is adjustable. Moreover, it enhances maps from every online mapping site with legends, images, tags, names, faults, brake lines, or external charts. Experts, researchers, technicians, and many others worldwide use this software time and again. 


GEOVIA Surpac mining software is a mine preparation and geochemical technology that enables mining activities, open-pit mining, and discovery programs. Further, it supports 3D graphics and process automation to control performance and reliability. It is a robust framework that assesses orebody, constructs underground mine and open-pit, prepares and manufactures mine.

Mineral Mining Mobile Apps

Mobile apps, along with other modern activities, are also transforming the mining industry. Consequently improving safety, productivity, and bringing the work/ life balance. Below are the few apps that demonstrate the depth and breadth of apps in the 21st-century mining industry.

Orica Mining Services Pocket Blast Guide App

Given the reputation of frivolity among everyday consumers, the serious and security-critical role that apps are beginning to play in the industry comes as a surprise. Few mining operations are more complex and safer than explosive blasting.

This delicate task can be simplified with Orica Mining Services’ PocketBlast Guide app. It provides blast calculations, conversions, product information, and other important purposes. It provides data while minimising the need for blasting engineers to carry bulky paper-based manuals. With offline access, it is suitable for mining sites where the internet is not available. This app expedites the process of performing delicate blast calculations, safety procedures, and rock property analysis.

Mi Apps

Based in Perth, Australia, Mi Plan is well known in the mining industry for its MiiNT business intelligence software that transforms the raw data into actionable intelligence. This software further improves productivity and other core aspects of the mining business. Extending to mobile apps was a natural step for Mi Plan, as MiiNT’s module-based structure is just a stone’s throw from the concept of apps. The company announced a large venture of five apps in late 2013 called MiApps.

The app set (MiDrill, MiBlast, MiDig, MiHaul, MiTime) continues MiiNT’s modular philosophy and gives users access to data acquisition and analysis areas based on their specific needs. Taken together, the app provides a fairly comprehensive monitoring system for operations drilling and blasting, material logistics, excavation, human resources, and equipment maintenance.

Wrapping Up

All of these popular mining tools are essential to the industry and help you get the job done efficiently and cheaply. These were some of the top-notch Mineral Mining Hardware and software we use now.

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