Strike in Guinea’s capital threatens mining sector

In Guinea’s capital city, a large national strike has disrupted operations across the mining sector, according to sources.


In addition to higher wages and better working conditions, workers are demanding the lifting of internet restrictions across the country and the release of trade union leader Sekou Jamal Pendessa, who is in prison.

In 2021, a coup seized power in Guinea and a military junta took over. Protests against the government have sporadically occurred over the last few years, but have intensified in recent months. The junta has quashed all of them, sometimes violently.

Due to the ongoing strike, Conakry’s streets are mostly empty, banks are closed, and normally bustling markets are deserted. At the beginning of the week, security forces were deployed at major road junctions, according to Reuters.

An anonymous senior official of a mining company told reporters that employees are refusing to work, but the mines have maintained minimum service levels.

Guinea is the world’s second-largest bauxite producer. As a result of the strike, alumina prices in China are trading higher, but the impact is currently limited due to large bauxite inventories.

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