Smart Mines – Top 3 Advantages; Making them go Digital

Because the mining business is relatively traditional, it is risk…

Because the mining business is relatively traditional, it is risk conservative, which poses a financial barrier to investing in new technologies that do not have a guaranteed ROI.

Smart mines are becoming more common, but they are still far from ubiquitous. This is due to a number of impediments to the adoption of new technology. Nevertheless, mining operators who take the plunge in smart mining are progressing rather fast. We’ll take a quick look at these advantages in this article.

smart mines
Smart Mines

Lower costs of operation
Wireless monitoring can be utilized to produce “smart mines” with reduced operating expenses than their “analog” counterparts. Smart mines are those whose major assets have been digitized using embedded sensors that transmit data to a central system over a wireless network. As a result, mining companies can save money not just on human labor, but also on expensive cabling and, as a result, cable maintenance.

Easier automation of operations
Mining companies can expand on their existing wireless network of embedded sensors by installing automation software that allows them to control both static and moving equipment remotely, as well as develop automatic interactions between them.

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Safety of Miners
Mineworker safety is a serious concern, as mines are often extremely hazardous locations to work. Workers who perform manual readings in remote, difficult-to-access regions are particularly vulnerable. Automating mobile assets in mines and remote readings eliminates the need for humans to be present on site.

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