Plan submitted to explore on state nonferrous metallic minerals lease

Vermillion Gold Inc. (VGI) submitted a proposed plan to explore…

Vermillion Gold Inc. (VGI) submitted a proposed plan to explore metallic mineral deposits on leased state mineral rights about 11 miles southeast of Big Fork, Minnesota in Itasca County. VGI’s plan proposes drilling exploratory borings. VGI drilled exploratory borings in the area last winter and as recently as this fall.

This winter, VGI plans to drill exploratory borings at 17 drill sites using the rotosonic drilling method. All proposed drilling will occur under adequately frozen conditions, according to the exploration plan.

Rotosonic drilling uses high-frequency vibration of the drill bit to advance and collect cores of soils, glacial sediments, and a short length of the underlying bedrock. Rotosonic borings end shortly after encountering the top of the bedrock. The plan says VGI will seal the borings following regulations set by the Minnesota Department of Health.

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Upon DNR approval VGI has the right to explore state-owned lands consistent with the exploration plan, any stipulations, and applicable laws and rules.

Find a summary report and associated map of the proposed exploration-related activities at the DNR’s exploration plan webpage.

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