Talon Nickel has submitted a plan to explore a state-owned nonferrous metals lease.

Talon Nickel (USA) LLC (Talon) proposed a proposal to search…

Talon Nickel (USA) LLC (Talon) proposed a proposal to search for metallic mineral deposits on leased state mineral rights north of Tamarack, Minnesota, in Aitkin County. Since the early 2000s, Kennecott Exploration Company (Kennecott) and Talon have been exploring this field.

At planned and historic boring sites, Talon’s exploration strategy calls for down-hole geophysical surveys as well as ground-based surveys.


Talon intends to dig exploratory borings in bedrock using the diamond core drilling process.
A part of the plan includes drilling the borings on 20 drill pads; Talon can drill multiple borings from each drill pad. Temporary access trails and plastic flotation mats are also proposed by Talon to safely approach several drill sites. Talon recommends that the borings be sealed in accordance with Department of Health regulations.

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The majority of Talon’s ground-based surveys will be done on foot. Talon can use motorized vehicles to travel across the land if site conditions allow. When conducting geophysical surveys, Talon will position signs. Talon may be required to cut a small amount of brush in order to position survey equipment; however, Talon will not cut lines or grids.

Talon owns the right to explore state-owned lands following DNR approval, as long as the exploration plan, any stipulations, and relevant laws and rules are followed.
Find more details at DNR’s official webpage here.

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