Metso Introduces Groundbreaking Recycling Solution for Sustainable Mining in Chile

Sustainable mining practices are gaining momentum globally, with countries like Chile, the leading copper producer, taking proactive measures to reduce environmental impact.

sustainable mining

Sustainable mining practices are gaining momentum globally, with countries like Chile, the leading copper producer, taking proactive measures to reduce environmental impact. In response to the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the mining sector, Metso, a prominent supplier of mining equipment and services, is unveiling a groundbreaking circularity recycling solution in Chile.

Addressing Sustainability Challenges in Mining

Mining operations often face sustainability challenges, including waste management and resource utilization. Metso’s new circularity recycling solution aims to tackle these issues by enabling the efficient separation of liner materials, such as Megaliner™, Poly-Met™, and rubber liners. By reusing valuable rubber and steel components in the manufacturing of new products or recycling them, the solution contributes to reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

Commitment to Sustainability

Eduardo Nilo, President of South America at Metso, emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability and driving the mining industry towards more eco-friendly practices. With ambitious sustainability targets in mind, Metso’s recycling solution aligns with the goals of mining customers striving to achieve net-zero operations.

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Investment in Expansion and Technology

Metso is expanding its factory in Concón, Chile, to enhance its production capabilities for rubber and Poly-Met liners. The installation of a mega-class compression press will significantly increase the production capacity for large Megaliner™ mill liners by up to 30%. Moreover, the factory will transition to using 100% renewable electricity to support CO2 emission reductions.

Chilean Mining Policy and Metso’s Contribution

Chile’s 2050 National Mining Policy underscores the importance of sustainable mining practices and carbon neutrality. Metso’s initiatives align with the country’s vision, aiming to grow the circular economy model and minimize environmental impact.

Global Impact and Future Expansion

Heikki Metsälä, President of Consumables business area at Metso, highlights the company’s global commitment to sustainability. The introduction of the mill liner recycling solution in Chile marks a significant milestone, with plans to expand the service to other regions, including North America.

Pioneering Recycling Service

Metso’s recycling service, part of its Planet Positive offering, is the result of years of research and development. From feasibility studies to customer pilots, the company has continuously refined its recycling process. The innovative technology enables safe and efficient separation of rubber and metal liner components, paving the way for a more sustainable mining industry.

Closing the Circular Economy Loop

Metso’s efforts extend beyond recycling liners; the company is exploring ways to increase the use of recycled materials in its products. By closing the circularity loop, Metso aims to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency throughout the mining production process.

Metso’s introduction of a unique recycling solution demonstrates its commitment to driving sustainable practices in the mining industry. With innovative technology and a focus on environmental responsibility, the company is poised to make a significant impact on reducing waste and CO2 emissions in mining operations. As sustainability remains a top priority for the global mining sector, Metso’s initiatives set a new standard for responsible resource management and eco-friendly innovation.

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