Insider Buys Anglo American plc Shares Worth £173.28

Anglo American plc insider Tony O’Neill acquired six shares of the stock on September 14, 2022 in a deal. The shares were bought for a total of £173.28 ($209.38) i.e. an average price of GBX 2,888 ($34.90) per share.

Anglo American

Anglo-American plc Stocks Up 0.5% 

AAL shares increased in value by GBX 13 ($0.16) thereby reaching GBX 2,828.50 ($34.18). Compared to its usual volume of 3,491,150; the company’s stock had a trading volume of 2,447,067 shares. The company’s fifty-day and 200-day moving average prices were GBP 2,818.05 and GBP 3,355 respectively. 

The fifty-two-week low for Anglo American plc is GBP 2,350 ($28.40) and the fifty-two-week high is GBP 4,996.80 ($60.38). The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 37.42, a quick ratio of 1.28, a current ratio of 1.90, and a quick ratio of 1.28. The market capitalization for the company is £37.83 billion and the price-to-earnings ratio is 570.87. 

Anglo American plc Reduces Dividend 

Recently, the company announced a dividend that would be paid on September 23. Shareholders of record on August 18 will be given a $1.24 dividend. This amounts to a 3.71% yield. Presently, the payout ratio for Anglo American plc is 58.27%. 

Is Anglo American plc’s Stocks Weakness a Sign That the Market Might Be Mistaken Given Its Promising Financial Future?

Anglo American plc has had a difficult three months with a 16% decline in its share price. But investors paying close attention could potentially deduce that markets typically reward businesses with sound financial standing. The company’s excellent financials could suggest that the stock may eventually experience an increase in value. 

Return on equity, or ROE, is a helpful metric for determining how successfully a business can create returns on the investments that it has received from its shareholders. Simply put, ROE displays the profit that each dollar makes relative to shareholder investments. 

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How Is Return on Equity Calculated? 

The following formula can be used to determine ROE: 

  • Net profit (from ongoing operations) minus shareholders’ equity equals a return on equity. 
  • According to the calculation above, Anglo American’s ROE is as follows: 
  • 26% = $9.3 billion to 36 billion dollars (Based on the trailing twelve months to June 2022). 
  • The profit made during the previous 12 months is the “return.” To put it another way, the company was able to make £0.26 in profit for every £1 in equity.

What Connection Does ROE Have To Earnings Growth? 

So far, we’ve learnt that ROE gauges a business’s profitability generation efficiency. The amount of profit the company reinvests or “retains” for future expansion must now be assessed in order to determine its growth potential. Organizations that have both a greater return on equity and higher profit retention tend to have a better growth rate when compared to businesses that don’t have the same traits, assuming that other factors are equal. 

Earnings Growth And 26% ROE For Anglo American 

First of all, Anglo American plc has a strong ROE. Second, one can’t help but draw comparisons with the 16% average ROE given by the sector. Anglo American plc was able to see a respectable net income rise of 19% over the previous five years, likely as a result of the same. 

The rise of Anglo American’s net income was then compared to that of the sector which showed that it was comparable to the sector’s average growth of 18% over the same time period. 

To a large extent, a company’s earnings growth serves as the foundation for assigning value to it. Investors then need to examine whether or not the anticipated profit growth—or lack thereof—has already been factored into the share price. They can determine whether the stock’s future appears good or concerning by doing the same. 

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Is Anglo American plc Making the Best Use of Retained Earnings? 

Anglo American has a fair amount of earnings growth and a healthy mix of a moderate three-year median payout ratio of 42% (or a retention ratio of 58%) indicating that the business has been using its profits effectively. 

Furthermore, Anglo American plc has paid dividends for at least ten years which demonstrates the company’s commitment to returning profits to shareholders. The most recent data from analysts indicate that the company’s anticipated future payout ratio over the following three years will be around 48%. Nevertheless, despite no expected change in its payout ratio, Anglo American’s ROE is predicted to fall to 12%. 

Analysts Predict Increase

Several analysts have commented on the shares of AAL. In a report released on July 26, Royal Bank of Canada reiterated a “sector performed” rating and issued a GBX 3,300 ($39.87) price objective on shares of Anglo American. In a research note, JPMorgan Chase & Co. set a GBX 3,850 ($46.52) price objective on Anglo American. 

In a report released on September 9, Barclays lowered their target price for Anglo American from GBX 3,175 ($38.36) to GBX 3,150 ($38.06) and assigned the stock an “equal weight” rating. In a research note published on July 22, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft reiterated a “hold” rating and set a price objective of GBX 3,500 ($42.29) on shares of Anglo American. 

Finally, Berenberg Bank lowered their price target on shares of Anglo American in a research note from GBX 3,300 ($39.87) to GBX 3,200 ($38.67) and reaffirmed a “buy” rating on the stock. Two research analysts have given the firm a buy rating, while two other analysts have given the stock a hold rating. 

According to data from, Anglo American now has a consensus rating of “Hold” and a consensus price target of GBX 3,440 ($41.57).

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