Zimbabwe: ‘Gold Mafia’ Figure Rushwaya Arrested After Defrauding Foreign Investors of U.S.$1.5 Million, Namedropping ‘Uncle’ Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe Mining Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya has been arrested after…

Zimbabwe Mining Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya has been arrested after allegedly duping Indian investors US$1 million in a botched mining transaction.

She is due to appear in court Wednesday after spending Tuesday night in police custody.

Rushwaya is accused of attempting to sell three mines she does not own to Dubai investors after flying there to meet the prospective buyers.

One of the mines reportedly owned by her uncle President Emmerson Mnangagwa was sold for US$1 million and for another, she allegedly received a deposit of US$500 000.

ZRP assistant commissioner confirmed her arrest, “Henrietta Rushwaya is assisting police with investigations following a report made by a certain complainant in relation to a purported mining transaction. So far investigations are in progress and these are the details we can release as of now”.

Last year Rushwaya was convicted after attempting to smuggle 6kgs gold to Dubai. She was fined US$ 5,000 and handed a wholly suspended three-year jail sentence.

She was a central figure in Al Jazeera’s docu-series Gold Mafia which exposed how Zimbabwe’s gold was being smuggled out of the country by senior public office bearers.

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