Yancoal funds WA horse shelter

Yancoal Australia has donated $3200 to horse riding school HorsePower…

Yancoal Australia has donated $3200 to horse riding school HorsePower Collie through its Premier coal mine’s community support program.

Premier Coal’s community support program aims to make a positive difference in the local community and to the lives of people who work and live in Collie, Western Australia.

HorsePower Collie is located in Preston Settlement and offers horse riding lessons, carriage driving and vaulting activities, and is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with and without disabilities.

The donation from Yancoal has been used to purchase roofing materials, posts, cement and gravel and the labour to build a new sun shelter in one of HorsePower Collie’s paddocks.

“Too much heat can be dangerous for the horses so we wanted to have a shaded, well-ventilated area ready to go where our horses can rest and graze when it gets hot again,” HorsePower Collie president Rhiannon Rowden said.

“We are entirely reliant on grants, donations and fundraising to maintain our organisation and look after our ten horses so we are thankful to Premier Coal for their financial assistance.”

Premier Coal operations manager Braedon Gaske said he was pleased to help in improving HorsePower Collie’s paddock facilities.

“HorsePower provides a vital service and brings a lot of joy to many people in our community. We are so happy to offer some financial assistance again this year to keep upgrading their facility and equipment,” Gaske said.

Yancoal recently donated $17,000 to the Singleton Amateur Swimming Club in New South Wales through the Mount Thorley Warkworth operation’s community support program.

The donation was used to construct a 6m x 4m shed for the club to store lane ropes, barbecues, chairs, marquees, and tables.

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