Working with mining customers to help world transition to renewables

Mineral resources will need to be quadrupled in order to meet the renewable energy targets of the Paris Agreement by 2040, according to a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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In order to achieve net zero by 2050, an even quicker transition will need six times as much mineral input in 2040 as there are now. (SIEA, 2021). The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transition.

The size of sustainable mining operations and the extraction of minerals, such as copper, silver, nickel, manganese, cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, zinc, and rare earths, must expand exponentially in order to transition to a cleaner energy system.

Herman Hollhummer, General Manager of Mining Operations at Komatsu, states that this upsurge is a chance for both Komatsu and Africa.

“Mining companies will increasingly look towards underground methods to mitigate their impacts on the natural environment and host communities when assessing new projects,” says Hollhummer. “The journey to net zero by 2050 cannot be reached at the expense of other environmental, social, and governance considerations.”

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Whole mining solution

After acquiring Joy Global in 2017, Komatsu, which has historically produced opencast mining equipment, broadened its product line to include underground soft rock mining. As of right now, Komatsu is bringing underground hard rock mining equipment to Africa. It views sub-surface hard rock extraction on the continent as an integral part of its sustainable strategy to offer customers a complete mining solution, in both the surface and underground mining environments.
It sees the continent’s subterranean hard rock extraction as a crucial component of its sustainable strategy to provide clients with a full range of mining options, both above and below ground.

“We look forward to providing customers in the underground hard rock mining sector with the same quality of equipment, service, and support associated with surface mining equipment in the Komatsu range,” says Hollhummer. “We’re committed to playing our part in helping the world find solutions to achieve the energy transition it needs.”

Komatsu will assist the African mining sector in meeting the pressing global demand for minerals and the transition to renewable energy sources by entering the hard rock mining market on the continent.

“We believe that Mining Indaba, the biggest minerals conference on the continent, is the perfect platform to present products that have proven successful in other mining regions but have not yet made their debut in Africa to both new and current customers,” he continues.

The frontrunners in Komatsu’s hard rock range

In 2024, at the African Mining Indaba, the first items will be unveiled to the African market. These are the Komatsu ZJ21 jumbo drill with a single boom, the Komatsu ZB21 medium class bolter, and the Komatsu WXO7 loader.

With ease, operators may switch from drill to bolter and vice versa thanks to the revolutionary drill and bolter products that share a similar platform that runs from the rear skirt to the outer boom. Both operator platforms and control systems share a great deal in common.

These Komatsu underground hard rock products will provide long-term mining solutions that are sustainable.

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