Weir partners with CEEC for sustainability

The Enduron HPGR sets the benchmark for energy efficient grinding…

The Enduron HPGR sets the benchmark for energy efficient grinding in high tonnage hard rock mining.

Weir has partnered with CEEC International (CEEC) in a bid to drive sustainable innovation and productivity improvement in mining.

Weir will also participate in CEEC’s newly launched Global Water Initiative, a collaboration to ensure responsible water use within the industry.

The Global Water Initiative is a critical step towards addressing water management and risk mitigation in mining and the wider resources sector.

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GEHO positive displacement pumps are engineered to handle abrasive, corrosive
and high-temperature slurries, sludges, pastes and tailings.

The initiative, which will drive collaboration and knowledge exchange across industry experts, seeks to build a shared understanding, identify gaps, and outline necessary actions to solve water-related challenges, prioritise sustainable water practices, and support overall improvements in ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with CEEC International as we innovate to help our customers provide more of the metals society needs, in more sustainable ways,” Weir minerals division president Andrew Neilson said.

“Water management is an increasingly critical issue in mining and we are excited to work with other stakeholders to drive positive change as part of the Global Water Initiative.”

CEEC executive president Janine Herzig said the initiative is vital for the industry.

“The Global Water Initiative is a vital platform to collectively address water-related challenges within the sector,” Herzig said.

“We are excited to have Weir actively participating in this initiative, which will undoubtedly drive positive transformation in water management practices.”

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