WA the “engine room” of decarbonisation: Madeleine King

Port of Dampier cargo wharf. Image: Pilbara Ports Authority. Federal…

Port of Dampier cargo wharf. Image: Pilbara Ports Authority.

Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King has called WA and the Pilbara the “engine room” of decarbonisation at a speech to the Pilbara 2023 Conference.

“It’s an exciting time to be in Western Australia, as we look to decarbonise our economy and to assist the economies of the Indo-Pacific to decarbonise their economies as well,” King said in her speech.

“Decarbonisation of the Pilbara itself is, of course, critical to the achievement of WA’s emissions targets.”

King said the WA Government estimates that the Pilbara region accounts for about 23 per cent of WA’s emissions.

But a new agreement between the Federal Government and the WA Government could see this statistic change, with $3 billion allocated to expand and modernise electricity grids in the state.

“This agreement will help industry in the Pilbara to lower emissions and in turn will help Australia meet its emissions reduction targets,” King said.

“This investment is expected to support around 1800 construction jobs and unlock future projects across WA.”

The WA Government is also investing in common user infrastructure to help northern regions take advantance of the grid upgrades, with $565 million committed to upgrading Ports Lumsden and Dampier.

“This will help the Pilbara capitalise on the forecast growth in demand for minerals key to the battery and electric vehicle markets, and in green hydrogen,” King said.

“Resource companies in the region are leading by example too, adopting ambitious emissions targets. In fact, most mining companies adopted a net-zero target well before the Australian Government did.

“The work being done now will go a long way to ensuring that the region that powers the nation’s economy can be powered by renewable energy.”

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