US-Based Startup Is Creating Cutting-Edge Technologies To Disrupt The Lithium Sector

The CEO of energy storage company EnergyX, Teague Egan, believes…

The CEO of energy storage company EnergyX, Teague Egan, believes that the United Kingdom has a competitive edge over the European Union due to its large stocks of the so-called rare earth element, a critical component of electric vehicle batteries. To disrupt the lithium sector and supply renewable energy storage and electric cars with a more sustainable mineral source, the US-based startup is developing cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. John Goodenough, the man behind the lithium-ion battery’s invention, has collaborated with the company on next-generation battery research.  Using LiTAS, EnergyX’s lithium-ion transport and separation technology (LiTAS), the company collects lithium from brine pools with little to no water or chemicals, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

Lithium has been likened to the next big gold rush, said Mr. Egan to the newspaper Express. Electric automobiles and energy storage devices both employ lithium-ion batteries, which are common in most home gadgets. There is little doubt that lithium will play a significant part in the global effort to become more sustainable and embrace low-carbon solutions.  If you’re wondering what Brexit means for the United Kingdom, consider this: The United Kingdom possesses what has been termed as internationally significant deposits in Cornwall.

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According to Egan, the only European country now capable of competing with the UK in lithium production is Finland.  Lithium supply chains are now controlled by China, with Russia and the United States vying for advantage in lithium mining, processing, and manufacture.  It’s important to note that the United States recognizes lithium as a critical commodity. Having a local source assures that the UK can acquire high-quality lithium at an affordable price, which might benefit the UK’s post-Brexit economy.

Water and chemicals are used very quickly in salt brines and hard rock mining.  Independent teams are working on new technology that doesn’t pollute the environment since it uses so little water and doesn’t need chemicals.  The approach also produces a higher lithium output than traditional methods, which saves both time and money.

In Cornwall, the lithium reserves are discovered in geothermal deposits, and British scientists say harvesting the lithium has little to no influence on the environment. “However, the concerns are somewhat different.  Britain wants to be a global leader in electric cars and energy transformation, so finding a reliable local lithium supply is critical.

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