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In this episode we chat to Brandon Munro, CEO at…


In this episode we chat to Brandon Munro, CEO at Bannerman Resources, an ASX and NSX listed exploration and development company with an 95% interest in the Etango Uranium Project in Namibia. Brandon is on the podcast to discuss all things uranium as he is an expert in this sector. He is the author of a book called “Uranium Insights” and also the chair of the nuclear fuel demand working group within the World Nuclear Association so is entrenched in the sector.

We discuss why the world needs uranium and why it’s been in a bear market since the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011 and what happened since then. We talk about the supply and demand issues and why the price is very low to its all-time high.

It’s an interesting episode packed with knowledge if you want to know more about uranium as it enters a bull market and why uranium is needed for global energy supply.  


  • Having run a project for over 15 years has allowed Bannerman to create a foothold, not just in terms of relationships, but knowledge base.
  • Refining projects means that projects become more streamlined in terms of development hurdles. This can then be expanded back outwards.
  • Helping people is easy, but having a truly transformative effect upon people’s lives is more difficult. That is why choosing the site of projects can allow true change for countries that need it.
  • Today, there is a pronounced deficit in uranium, which is being met by draw-down in excess inventories.


‘The nuclear energy sector is a very conservative sector’

‘We have a degree of pedigree in terms of consistency’

‘You can have such a big impact on so many lives’

‘We had a 10% hole punched out of demand’


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