Uncovering Anomalous Geochemistry Samples at Isle Brochet

Mar 8 2024Reviewed by Lexie Corner The Boart Longyear drill…

The Boart Longyear drill crew has arrived at the Hearty Bay project, marking the start of the 2024 winter drill program, according to a statement from Traction Uranium Corp. The program aims to locate the origin of the anomalous till geochemistry samples and glacially distributed uraniferous boulders on Isle Brochet.

Uncovering Anomalous Geochemistry Samples at Isle Brochet
Map Showing New Targets Up-Ice of the Isle Brochet Uranium Boulder Trains. Image Credit: Traction Uranium

The recently finished gravity survey, along with the glacially dispersed material, offers new, trustworthy program targets that were not examined in earlier, more notable drill programs.

Using a Boart Longyear sonic rig that can recover and sample both bedrock and overburden, approximately 2,000 m of drilling is planned. The predicted source areas, which could be identified by one of the gravity low targets identified by this winter’s survey, are expected to be reached by following anomalous overburden beneath the lake. Depending on the state of the ice, the program should be finished by the end of March.

Boart Longyear is the drilling contractor; Palmer Geotechnical Consultants Inc. provides overburden experts; F3 Uranium Corp. operates the program; and Rock U Consulting (Ken Wheatley), Technical Advisor to Traction Uranium, will provide technical guidance.

Source: https://tractionuranium.com/

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