Trailbreaker Expands Liberty Property, Pursues Copper, Molybdenum, and Gold Potential

Feb 27 2024Reviewed by Lexie Corner Trailbreaker announced the staking…

Trailbreaker announced the staking and claim purchase that will expand the Liberty property. With the mapped granitic intrusion, the Cu-Mo porphyry and Cu skarn targets, and a new epithermal gold target, the property now spans 5,054 hectares.

Trailbreaker Expands Liberty Property, Pursues Copper, Molybdenum, and Gold Potential
Expanded property outline, now covering 12 km of strike extent of the granitic intrusion potentially associated with Cu-Mo porphyry, epithermal gold, and Cu-skarn style mineralization. Image Credit: Trailbreaker Resources Ltd.

Trailbreaker has also received the existing drilling authorization for the Liberty site. With this permit, they can test the Liberty Cu-Mo porphyry target during a first-pass drilling program. With drill contractors, Trailbreaker has started the “Request for Proposal” procedure to carry out a drilling program at Liberty in the spring of 2024. This would enable prompt investigation if the outcomes are positive.

Message From the President

By expanding the property, Trailbreaker has secured a first-mover advantage. The existing permit will strategically allow us to drill-test the Cu-Mo porphyry target while also advancing additional targets across the property. When we compare this property to Taseko’s Gibraltar Mine, we understand that these Cu-Mo porphyry systems can be very large and occur in multiple zones associated with the same plutonic body. With limited previous exploration across the property, we feel confident we can expand on the existing target footprint.

Daithi Mac Gearailt, President, Trailbreaker Resources Ltd.

Liberty Property Description

The Liberty Property is about 60 km northwest of Quesnel, British Columbia. Resource roads provide unrestricted access to the land.

A northwest-trending Cu-Mo ± gold (Au) ± silver (Ag) mobile metal ion (MMI) soil anomaly is the main focus of the Liberty project. This occurs on the edge of the granitic intrusion and overlaps with an induced polarization (IP) chargeability characteristic. This coincident anomaly is located south of a prior drill hole that produced an interval of 123.1 m of 0.11 % Cu and 0.04 % MoS2.

The extended property includes an epithermal gold target where epithermal vein textures have been detected in a road cut, in addition to the Cu-Mo porphyry target and the Cu-skarn target, which yielded assay results of >8 % Cu from historic trenching. Gold (Au) and arsenic (As) abnormal grades were found in nearby soil and test pit samples. These might be an epithermal component of the hydrothermal system that operates at a lower temperature.

Claim Acquisition and Staking

Trailbreaker covered the entire mapped granitic intrusion and any possible mineralization linked with the intrusion by staking an additional 1,007 hectares of claims along the southeast perimeter of the former property boundary.

Trailbreaker also acquired a 100 % stake in a claim block that encompasses 2,148 hectares that border the property and extends to the northwest of the previous boundary. This claim block covers the epithermal gold target and the northwest limit of the granitic intrusion.

The property’s size has increased from 1,898 hectares to 5,054 hectares as a result of this extension, which includes the region’s known potential geological settings.


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