Traction Uranium Makes Breakthrough in Subglacial Uranium Exploration

Mar 22 2024Reviewed by Lexie Corner Traction Uranium Corp. (Company…

Traction Uranium Corp. (Company or Traction) has completed a singular sonic drill hole at the Hearty Bay Property (The Property) and has opted to suspend the drill program prematurely due to the declining ice conditions observed on Lake Athabasca.

Traction Uranium Makes Breakthrough in Subglacial Uranium Exploration
Drilling Updated. Image Credit: Traction Uranium Corp.​​

The utilization of a track-mounted sonic drill has facilitated the retrieval of till for the first time beneath the lake, in the up-ice direction from the high-grade boulder trains on Isle Brochet. This has led to the recovery of a comprehensive intersection of the underlying glacial till.

Initial interpretation indicates favorable characteristics of this unit, suggesting minimal post-depositional disturbance, which supports the theory of the extension of the glacial till, where the historic high-grade boulder trains on Isle Brochet are found upstream under the lake towards a source location.

This implies that the dispersion of uraniferous till beneath the lake may be traced using the subglacial till sampling approach, leading straight to the origin of the famed Isle Brochet high-grade boulder trains.

Under the historic high-grade boulder trains on the surface of Isle Brochet, the geomorphological experts at Palmer Environmental Consulting have completed two subglacial till programs that, in 2023, showed a uranium geochemistry signature in the subglacial till, a dependable sampling medium impervious to the effects of wave action.

The finding of this 2.3 m thick till beneath the lake offers compelling evidence for more subglacial till sampling, which could eventually lead straight to the source of the radioactive boulder trains on Isle Brochet.

Convolutions Geoscience has also been hired by Traction and F3 Uranium Corp. (F3) to finish a limited inversion on the ground gravity data collected in January and the ground VLF EM data collected in 2022. The next program on the property will then incorporate drill planning based on an inversion-based structural interpretation.


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