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In this episode, we chat to James Sykes, who is…


In this episode, we chat to James Sykes, who is CEO and Director of Baselode Energy, a fully funded Uranium exploration company that has achieved resounding success within the region. For example, holding a portfolio of highly prospective uranium exploration properties in the eastern side of the Athabasca Basin.


James has over 10 years of experience in uranium exploration and discovery in the Athabasca Basin. His experience has also enabled him to lead the technical team for NexGen Energy, to make the Arrow discovery during the first 3 drill campaigns – the largest development-stage uranium deposit in Canada. James, a geologist by trade discusses his 1.0 and 2.0 thesis models around uranium exploration. As well as what he and the company are looking to achieve in the uranium space.




  • Baselode Energy is only a year old, but the team has decades of experience and success when it comes to Uranium exploration.
  • They are fully funded.
  • The Uranium market has not been this hot for about 15 years now. 
  • Uranium has always been important for green energy. But there is stigma surrounding its use. This perception is changing.
  • We have more nuclear reactors now than we did 20 years ago. 
  • The supply of uranium has not kept pace. In fact, mines have closed, so the conditions are right for the price to climb.
  • Baselode Energy is looking in areas where glaciers have removed surface rocks to great depths so that they do not have to dig too far.
  • James and his team have tapped into new aerial scanning techniques to help them to identify the most promising areas.
  • The world´s use of electricity is increasing steeply.
  • China, India, and Russia are all building new reactors and increasing the capacity of their existing ones.
  • Baselode Energy has the lowest number of shares of their peers meaning that when the price goes up investors really feel the benefit.
  • Supply of Uranium is going to be tight for a while. 
  • Open-pit uranium mines take circa 8 years to come on stream, underground typically it takes decades.
  • Baselode has 3 areas, which they are exploring at speed.
  • They are scheduled to start drilling this year on 2 of their sites and the other one in 2022.


‘We are looking for high-grade uranium because we know that is what makes the deposits tick. ´

‘and nuclear has again been touted as being green. But we´ve got to get over that fear hurdle.’

‘It is not a question of if uranium will come back, it is a question of when uranium comes back.’










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