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In this episode we chat to Rowan Phendler, Director of…


    In this episode we chat to Rowan Phendler, Director of Natural Resources for Cripps Leadership Advisors who deliver executive search and leadership advice to dynamic CEOs and boardrooms worldwide.

    Rowan has a wealth of experience supporting boards, senior executives and management teams across mining, oil, gas and renewable energy sectors across the globe and we are going to discuss a report you recently released around “securing mining’s future workforce” and some other topics around skills in our industry and talent pools and mining as a brand.

    Rowan is going to be attending Europe’s largest mining event, Resourcing Tomorrow, (Formerly known as Mines and Money London,) which is taking place in London on the 28-30 November, a great platform for the entire mining value chain, fostering learning, lively debates, and providing valuable networking opportunities.

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    • The mining industry is facing a challenge in attracting young talent, as a recent survey showed that 70% of respondents aged 15-30 would not consider working in the industry.
    • To address this issue, the industry needs to focus on rebranding and changing the public perception of mining. This includes showcasing the positive impact of mining on the supply chain and the role it plays in the energy transition.
    • There is a need for a collaborative effort among industry leaders, associations, and governments to educate the public about the importance of mining and the career opportunities it offers.
    • Companies should be open to hiring talent from diverse backgrounds and industries, not just those with mining experience. This can help bring in fresh perspectives and skills to drive innovation and growth in the industry.


    “70% of respondents said they wouldn’t consider working in the mining industry.” 

    “The only way to achieve net zero, the only way to achieve the energy transition is through mining.”

    “It’s about showcasing the supply chain and the actual end result of what the consumers are holding and the importance of mining.”

    “Changing someone’s behavior doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about working with an outside source to initiate that change internally.”


    Register NOW ( to receive a discount on current early bird prices using the code DIGDEEP10

    Rob Tyson is the Founder and Director of Mining International Ltd, a leading global recruitment and headhunting consultancy based in the UK specialising in all areas of mining across the globe from first-world to third-world countries from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. We source, headhunt, and discover new and top talent through a targeted approach and search methodology and have a proven track record in sourcing and positioning exceptional candidates into our clients’ organisations in any mining discipline or level. Mining International provides a transparent, informative, and trusted consultancy service to our candidates and clients to help them develop their careers and business goals and objectives in this ever-changing marketplace.

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