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In this episode we chat to Max Tuesley, Managing Director…


    In this episode we chat to Max Tuesley, Managing Director at Culpeo Minerals who are a copper exploration and development company whose interests are focused in Chile, the world’s number one copper producer. The company is concentrating on exploring potential high grade copper systems in the coastal Cordillera region of Chile.

    Max is a geologist with 30 years’ experience in base metal/gold exploration and mining and has a proven track record of successful project and team management, both within Australia and Internationally, working on projects in Mongolia, Sudan, Laos & Philippines. Max has been with Culpeo for the past few years and give us an overview of the company, their Lana Corina and Fortuna projects and what they are looking to achieve plus the outlook for copper.


    • Culpeo Minerals is a copper exploration and development company focused on the coastal Cordillera region of Chile, the world’s number one copper-producing country.
    • The company has four main project areas in Chile, including Lana Corina, where they have had significant drilling success with wide, high-grade copper and molybdenum intersections.
    • Culpeo recently acquired a new project called Fortuna, located 10 kilometers north of Lana Corina, which has multiple drill targets and potential for mineralization.
    • Chile offers attractive opportunities for copper exploration due to its high copper reserves, well-established mining laws, and accessible infrastructure.


    “Chile, as you mentioned earlier, is the number one copper producer in the world. It’s got the highest reserves of copper in the world. It’s a great place to look for copper.” 

    “Chile really is a mining country. I think the general population of Chile understand the importance of the mining industry, you know, it is the main input into the GDP of Chile.” 

    “I think short term where we’re in for probably a little bit of, you know, a low price regime, but I think medium to long term, we’re going to see, you know, copper certainly going to get back up to $10,000 a ton.”

    “We certainly want to explore the ground that we’ve got. Over the next six months, we certainly will be bringing the drill rig back… There’ll be quite a lot of drilling to report on in the next three to six months.”






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