The Association of Mines Surveyors of Zimbabwe (AMSZ) AGM and Conference roars to life

The Association of Mines Surveyors of Zimbabwe (AMSZ) AGM and…

The Association of Mines Surveyors of Zimbabwe (AMSZ) AGM and Conference is now underway at Victoria Falls Lodge.

Mine surveyors from Zimbabwe and beyond have assembled at the event which has seen attendance from most large-scale mining houses in Zimbabwe.

Running under the theme, “Strengthening the Mining Innovation Ecosystem through Investment, Technology, Skills, and Collaboration” will conclude at the end of the day tomorrow.

Key issues to be discussed at the event are:-

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  1. The Mining Bill and the Role of Surveyors therein.
  2. Lobbying for increased technological investments in Mine Survey Offices nationwide, to enhance accuracy, efficiency and safety.
  3. Promoting the latest and cutting-edge global best practices and procedures.
  4. The Government Mine Surveyor’s Certificate of Competency.
  5. National Certification of Mine Survey Assistants to improve the accuracy of survey data collection and measurement.
  6. Plenary discussions on improving general services that Mine Surveyors provide to the industry.

About the Association of Mine Surveyors of Zimbabwe (AMSZ)

The (AMSZ) is an affiliate of The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe and was formed in 1985 as a Professional Non-Profit Body that represents the interests of the Mine Surveying Profession in Zimbabwe. It comprises of members from Mine Surveying Departments of various Mining Organizations, both locally and abroad, as well as other affiliate members from diverse technical fields related to Mine Surveying and the Mining Industry in general.


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