The ANM rescue team responds to a mine emergency in the municipality of Neira, Caldas

March 27, 2021. The Mining Protection and Rescue Group, the…

March 27, 2021. The Mining Protection and Rescue Group, the official Fire Department, Civil Defense, and local authorities respond to an emergency at a gold mine in the El Bosque village of the municipality of Neira in Caldas, which appears to be working illegally.
The ANM triggered the emergency care protocol, after receiving the news of 11 people missing in a 17-cubic-meter flood on March 26, dispatched 10 rescuers, an engineer, and a team mechanic from the Marmato Mining Safety and Rescue point to respond to the emergency. 
Upon arrival, a PMU was set up in the Irra district of the Quinchia municipality, with the participation of the Risaralda Police Chief, Riosucio Firefighters Commander, Irra Firefighters Commander, Civil Defense Commander, two local miners (relatives), an Engineer, and an equipment mechanic from GSSM-AMM. 
The rescue tasks in the mine were carried out on Friday night with the installation of electric pumps that enable the extraction of water, and the Caldas Hydroelectric Power Plant was asked to make the necessary changes to leave 220v Three-phase current to ensure a higher power of the pumping equipment.
During a tour of the region, it was discovered that four mine mouths are flooded. The rescuers’ surveillance and actions have been ongoing in the region.
The ANM calls on the miners to take the safety protocols seriously and avoid such incidents.

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