Tata Communications expands enterprise business via cloud, IoT services

In Q3, as part of the expansion of its enterprise…

In Q3, as part of the expansion of its enterprise portfolio, Tata Communications Ltd signed up a number of Indian and global companies to provide cloud, mobility, video content, and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

During the quarter, the telecommunications operator collaborated with UK-based ATP Media to broadcast live ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) tournaments through its global video-connect network. “We will facilitate the super-fast transfer of live content in over 200 territories from on-site production to broadcasters and onwards to ATP Media’s global tennis audience,” Tata Communications said after Q3.

In order to meet the growing demand for internet connectivity by companies worldwide, the Tata group company has expanded its cloud platform and services called IZO. This will also help telco gain market share in the US and Europe.

Tata Communications said it has signed an agreement in India with a major coal mining and refining company that will integrate its IT infrastructure comprising hosting, security, and network services under the private cloud of IZO. The cloud platform will reduce technological costs, scalability of on-demand hardware, and enable customers to securely store and use data.

“(Enterprise) customers are rapidly adopting the cloud and migrating workloads and apps from in-house data centres to the cloud… This is the reason why cloud and security are a big area of focus for us,” said A.S. Lakshminarayanan, MD and CEO, Tata Communications.

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