Tanzania: Zanzibar Launches Minerals Prospecting, Exploration

Zanzibar — ZANZIBAR Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals of…

Zanzibar — ZANZIBAR Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals of Zanzibar and Aseel Oilfield Services Limited have jointly launched research activities aimed at understanding the mineral resources in the Isles.

The launch of the research activities which represent a significant milestone in the comprehensive development of Zanzibar’s mining sector and sets the stage for a robust exploration plan, was held at the ministry’s headquarters at Maisara.

The collaborative initiative is a result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Aseel Oilfield Services and the Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals of Zanzibar in July 2023.

This agreement encompasses various large-scale projects, including mining activities in Unguja and Pemba. The inaugural research phase aims to provide valuable insights into Zanzibar’s mineral reserves, aligning with the vision of Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Mwinyi for a prosperous Zanzibar.

The Principal Secretary of the Ministry Joseph Kilangi, emphasized the invaluable commitment demonstrated by Aseel Oilfield Services in supporting previous government initiatives. He expressed his sincere appreciation for Aseel’s efforts, noting their unwavering dedication and welcoming these exciting initiatives.

Mr Kilangi highlighted key points of emphasis, expressing gratitude towards the professionalism and sincerity demonstrated by the Aseel team in executing the project.

He also emphasized the geological similarities between Zanzibar and other mineral-rich regions, underscoring the potential for mineral deposits on Unguja and Pemba islands.