Tan Delta Systems launches global mining sector offering

Tan Delta Systems, a leading global manufacturer of real-time oil…

Tan Delta Systems, a leading global manufacturer of real-time oil condition monitoring sensors and systems, has announced the launch of its mining and mineral processing sector offering.

Tan Delta Systems launches global mining sector offering

Tan Delta sensor technology has been proven to save a plethora of global industrial sectors and applications between 30% and 50% on oil usage. Its SENSE technology predicts oil-related machine failures before they happen, reduces costly unplanned maintenance, saves oil, and helps customers reach their ESG targets. Tan Delta has had a presence in the mining and mineral sector for some years now, and is now pressing ahead with the launch of its mining and mineral processing sector-specific offering – one of its top target global sectors.

Tan Delta’s off-highway monitoring system helps customers to cut oil consumption and maintenance costs by up to 30%. Planned and unplanned downtime are a significant proportion of operational costs for a mine, and avoiding breakdowns is especially critical when operating remote or unmanned assets. OEMs cautiously prescribe aggressive maintenance schedules that ignore the actual equipment status and result in significant unnecessary maintenance and oil wastage. Tan Delta’s mining and mineral processing monitoring solution uses advanced real time oil analysis to inform on the actual status of customer’s oil, and thus when equipment maintenance is really needed; instantly optimising maintenance programmes, whilst maintaining engine reliability and continuous oversight.


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Chris Greenwood, CEO at Tan Delta Systems PLC, comments:

“We have always known our SENSE technology can add substantial value to the mining and mineral processing sector. We now have enough data from customer installations over a significant time period to confidently state that our technology works. It will deliver ROI in just a few months in the vast majority of – if not all – mining and mineral processing applications.

“We are already working with some of the world’s most respected OEMs as well as VARs and end users. We are now in the process of launching our new OEM and VAR loyalty discount programmes, and look forward to receiving enquiries from the mining and mineral processing community. We are particularly interested in hearing from OEMs or any operators in this sector with a strong existing commercial footprint, looking to add value with our globally proven technology.”

Case study


A large opencast copper mining operation in the USA, with 60 trucks, 10 shovels, and 15 auxiliary units, mining over 20 000 tpd.


Downtime of a dump truck can cost up to US$1000/hr. Rigid service intervals cause excessive routine downtime and miss early warning signs for breakdowns. The operator must minimise maintenance costs whilst maintaining, or even increasing, reliability.


Each fleet unit is easily retrofitted with a SENSE-3 kit, transmitting real-time data on oil condition. Tan Delta’s sensors can individually track the engine, gearbox, and hydraulic oil systems, with the data sent via Wi-Fi or 4G to be monitored by the maintenance team. They are informed when to undertake servicing based on actual equipment need instead of operating arbitrary schedules.


Changing to a condition-based maintenance schedule using Tan Delta has enabled the service interval to be increased from 500 hours to 678 hours, resulting in a 26% reduction in maintenance costs and oil consumption. The operator experiences fewer unexpected breakdowns as the Tan Delta system will detect any equipment anomalies or contamination before damage, enabling preventative maintenance.


For more information about Tan Delta Systems and its technologies, visit: https://www.tandeltasystems.com/mining-and-mineral-processing/

Read the article online at: https://www.globalminingreview.com/mining/14032024/tan-delta-systems-launches-global-mining-sector-offering/

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