Takavarasha, ZMF Invited to Speak at planetGOLD Global Forum

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) continues to gain international recognition,…

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) continues to gain international recognition, with its CEO, Wellington Takavarasha, invited to speak at the upcoming planetGOLD Global Forum.

This significant event, set to take place from June 3-5, 2024, in the Philippines, marks another milestone for ZMF as it seeks to expand its influence and foster global partnerships in the gold mining sector.

Takavarasha’s presentation will cover the financial aspects of Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) in Zimbabwe.

“My presentation will cover the financial aspects of ASM in Zimbabwe. What is Zimbabwe doing in this regard? Many countries are beginning to address this issue, so we’ll be taking notes. You will then encounter some recommendations on what the government is expected to do after the workshop. The focus is mainly on empowering miners through the financial sector. This involves developing policies that will enhance miners’ production achievements. Empowerment through the financial sector is a key aspect of the presentation. The main objective is to come up with policies that will support and enhance miners’ production capabilities.”

“As Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda prepare to speak at this prestigious event, the participation of ZMF signifies a step forward in advancing the interests of Zimbabwean miners on a global platform. The forum promises to be an enriching experience, offering opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration, which are essential for the sustained growth and development of the mining sector in Zimbabwe,” Takavarasha said.

ZMF was recently invited to participate in the China Gold Congress and Expo, highlighting the federation’s growing prominence on the international stage.

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In a communication from Assietou Gaye, the coordinator for the planetGOLD Global Forum, Takavarasha was officially invited to participate as a speaker. Gaye emphasized Takavarasha’s nomination by Carmen Teichgraber, based on his extensive experience with planetGOLD Zimbabwe.

The forum session, scheduled for June 3, 2024, will focus on miners’ views, discussing challenges and success stories regarding access to finance and formal supply chains. This discussion is crucial as it aims to highlight the real-world experiences of miners, providing a platform for sharing insights and strategies for overcoming obstacles in the mining sector.

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