Clean energy technologies boom the demand for battery metals


Of all the clean-energy technologies set to boom in the coming decades, none will put a strain on battery metals. They account for about half of the projected growth in minerals demand over the next two decades in a rapid decarbonization scenario.

‘Rethink Mining’ – innovation initiatives in exploration, underground mining, surface mining, processing, and the environment

collaboration mining

“Collaboration Mining” will be a significant business intelligence (BI) trend in 2022. Because new technologies are constantly being developed all around us, it isn’t easy to gain a competitive edge by securing a monopoly on a particular technology or provider. We can pool our strengths and experience, exchange ideas with each other, and overcome individual […]

Nornickel has announced a new carbon footprint calculation methodology


Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel, has announced the development of a method and model for measuring the carbon footprint of all its products. Sphera Solutions Gmbh has approved the approach based on the from-cradle-to-gate principle and complies with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. “Nornickel realizes its responsibility as a […]

Fleet Of Innovative Mining And Mineral Exploration Technologies


For surface and underground mine mapping, Burgex Mining Consultants has announced the addition of the ExynPak from Exyn Technologies to its fleet of sophisticated mining and mineral exploration tools. “LiDAR” stands for “light detection and ranging.” A newer industrial breakthrough is active remote sensing using a laser scanner, GPS, and inertial navigation. Akin to the […]

No Large Scale Agro-Mining Due To Ignorance Of Scientific Improvements


Metal-rich plant farms are springing up all over the globe, promising a greener and less damaging alternative to mining for rare minerals. Agro-mining is the practice of cultivating plants that absorb metals from the soil. This method may detoxify poisoned areas and collect battery components like nickel and cobalt without contaminating the surrounding environment. There […]