Surveyors urged to embrace technology

The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development has urged the…

The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development has urged the Association of Mines Surveyors of Zimbabwe (AMSZ) to embrace technology to ensure that the profession is not left behind with technological advancement which is fast becoming a determinism factor in every sector.

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Speaking at the AMSZ Annual General Meeting and Conference in Victoria Falls last month the Ministry’s Chief Director of Technical Affairs, Mr Charles Simbarashe Tahwa said the survey industry should embrace technology so that they won’t be left behind.

“I noticed that we have companies that are here, that are coming, who also share with us, engage with us, network, showcase the various technologies that we have. Of course, today’s mine survey is an exact science. If we don’t embrace it, we will be as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, we will be left behind. That’s the bad part of technology. You don’t embrace it; it turns around and goes, flows, and leaves you behind. So, we are seeing more and more inter-credit systems and applications that are coming. Things that make life easy. Unmanned aerial vehicles,” Tahwa said.

Tahwa said the AMSZ was supposed to transform their association into an institution that will direct and control the activities of mine surveying in Zimbabwe to ensure they remain relevant and up to date with the technology advancement.

He said the AMSZ should partner with institutions of higher and tertiary learning such as the Zimbabwe School of Mines (ZSM) to ensure that surveyors are up to date with new skills and technology of the industry.

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“And perhaps look into transforming your association into a very good professional one. Because the demands will be there. There are lots of research areas that are available to you. Partner with special institutions. Partner with ZSM to do something. I get depressed when I get some calls from ZSM that we have so many students whom we have failed to attach. I understand. Big minds, they have a limited number and there are a lot of things that affect us. But when I look, when I take a step backwards, I notice that the demand for mining licenses, registrations and mines that are operating from small scale to that are increasing. So, is it true that we have limited the number of people, the number of places to place our students?” Tahwa added.

He said the AMSZ needs to come up with strategies that will make it relevant to the international community. Tahwa said the association needs to establish set standards that are acceptable to international groups seeking to monitor the activities of the mining industry. 

“And what are your strategies so that you are able, as a mining sector, to continue with an impact? Remember, there are a lot of pressures in terms of the extractive industry that come from a lot of countries. Be strategic. Build your brand. And influence the change by making necessary policy, technical, and administrative recommendations. The Ministry is there with open arms to accept, engage you, engage with you, so that we have a better sector” the Chief Director said.

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