Sirios Discovers Encouraging Signs of Gold at Cheechoo’s High-Grade Eclipse Zone

Feb 29 2024Reviewed by Lexie Corner Sirios Resources Inc. reports the…

Sirios Resources Inc. reports the presence of visible gold in the first hole of the 2024 drilling program in the high-grade Eclipse area of its fully-owned Cheechoo gold property. 

Sirios Discovers Encouraging Signs of Gold at Cheechoo
Part of the gold specks observed in a mafic dyke at 258.0 m in drill hole CH24-305. Image Credit: Sirios Resources Inc.

At the intended depth, the program’s first hole, CH24-305, intersected several coarse visible gold specks contained in a chloritized quartz vein in tonalite at a depth of 256.7 m. At 258.0 m, more than 100 visible gold granules were found in a mafic dyke.

Overall, the geologists assigned to Sirios discovered a 2.6-m mineralized gold zone extending from 256.2 m to 258.8 m. This zone included a 1 m gold-bearing mafic dyke, multiple deformed quartz veinlets containing extra gold grains, and a gold-rich chloritized quartz vein. Throughout the zone, arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, and scheelite were also found.

About the Drilling Program Currently Underway at Eclipse

The high-grade Eclipse area, situated to the west of the primary zone of the Cheechoo gold deposit, is not encompassed in the revised 2022 Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE), which delineated 1.4 million ounces of gold (Indicated) and 500,000 ounces of gold (Inferred) (BBA, Mineral Resource Estimate Update for the Cheechoo Project, 20/07/2022).

A 1000 m diamond drilling campaign is presently being conducted by Sirios to add Eclipse to the upcoming MRE upgrade for the Cheechoo site. The Eclipse area has already experienced several intersections of high and very high-grade gold intervals.


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