Silicon Mining: Here is a List of Top Silicon Mining Companies in the world

The process of extracting silicon from its ore is known as silicon mining. Silicon has the symbol Si, the atomic number 14, and the atomic weight 28. It is a semiconductor material with a wide range of properties that are useful in many industries, including electronics and solar energy. Here is the list of top silicon mining companies.

Silicon mining companies

Since the early twentieth century, silicon mining has been done on a large scale using various methods such as open-pit mining, underground mining, and even surface mining for silicon metal. Silicon is a valuable metal. Therefore, this article will examine the companies blessing us with this metal. This means we will make you near and dear with the following topics. 

  • Silicon Mining Companies Stocks 
  • Biggest Silicon Mining Companies 
  • Silicon Mining Companies USA 
  • Countries With The Most Silicone Production

So, without tinkering, let’s dig deep into the article. 

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Silicon Mining Companies Stocks

Several various stages of production are involved in the sector. The first step in the manufacturing process is obtaining silicon metal, the substance utilized to obtain high purity silicon.

Silicon ingots are grown from high purity silicon ingots, which are then sliced into wafers in a process known as wafering. Photovoltaics can benefit from compositionally pure polycrystalline silicon wafers. In order to make computer chips, dislocation-free and highly flat single-crystal silicon wafers are required.

List Of Silicon Mining Companies Stocks

GlobalWafers Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Establishment – 2013 , Headquarters – Missouri, United States

GlobalWafers is a global pioneer in semiconductor technology, offering top chip makers creative, advanced technological solutions. It uses cutting-edge design and production to manufacture sophisticated semiconductors for electronics. Furthermore, the company has been a pioneer in developing and designing wafer technologies and operates in Europe, the U.S., and the Asia Pacific. Consequently, making it one of the biggest silicon mining companies.  

Okmetic Oy

Establishment – 1985, Headquarter – Vantaa, Finland

Okmetic is the world’s biggest silicon mining company, with the seventh number of silicon wafer manufacturers. Therefore, we can say that it is one of the largest silicon mining companies. It is a prominent supplier of innovative, high-value-added silicon wafers used in sensor, discrete semiconductor, and analogue circuit manufacturing. In the market, the company offers a broad line of high resistivity RFSi wafers, SOI wafers, patterned wafers, TSV wafers, SSP and DSP wafers, and wafers for power devices in the 150 to 200mm size range.

Shanghai Simgui Technology Co. Ltd.

Establishment – 2001, Headquarters – Shanghai, China

Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd. A high-tech firm making and selling silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and EPI wafers to the global semiconductor industry. Simbond, SIMOX, Hydrogen Splitting, Bonding, and Si-Si Bonding are some of the technologies used by the business to make SOI products. Simgui has also formed long-term partnerships with renowned domestic and international universities and research institutes. With this partnership, they will develop advanced engineered substrates for high mobility channel materials and Si photonics. Therefore, it paves its way to the list of the largest silicon mining companies.

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.

Establishment – 1926, Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., formerly known as Shin Etsu Nitrogen Fertilizer Co., is Japan’s largest chemical manufacturer. It is a silicon mining company stock that provides goods and critical materials that serve as the basis for many sectors through its four primary business categories. It makes silicon wafers, which are utilized as semiconductor device substrates. Aside from it, the company manufactures silicon for use in the electric, automotive, construction, and electronics industries.

Silicon Materials Inc.

Establishment – 1992, Headquarters – Pennsylvania, United States

To name another silicon mining company stock, we will add Silicon Materials Inc. It is a semiconductor wafer manufacturer that produces electronic-grade silicon wafers. The company has virgin semiconductor grade silicon wafers for industrial customers from offices on two continents. All of the company’s silicon wafers are made from virgin polysilicon, widely preferred by businesses that require excellent quality, reliable material supply, and increased value. Thus, it paved its way to the list of the biggest silicon mining companies.  

Siltronic AG

Establishment – 1953, Headquarters – Munich, Germany

Siltronic AG is a leading producer and one of the biggest silicon mining companies.  This company produces ultrapure silicon wafers and has been a long-time collaborator of several major semiconductor companies. Employing human resources of around 3,900 members, Siltronic calls on a global network of advanced, leading-edge production plants in Europe, Asia, and the United States. With various material properties, diameters, and surface qualities, Siltronic’s extensive product range includes polished, epitaxial, and specialized wafers per industrial requirements.

SK Siltron Co., Ltd.

Establishment – 1983, Headquarter – Gumi City, South Korea

SK Siltron is part of the semiconductor industry in Korea and globally for over 35 years. The business has been chasing worldwide leadership in semiconductor development through aggressive technological, manufacturing, and infrastructure innovation. It is the only Korean business that offers international producers cutting-edge solutions for obtaining defect-free crystals, controlling particles smaller than 20 nm, and maintaining super flat surfaces. The company recently purchased cutting-edge technologies for SiC wafer manufacture from DuPont to increase its capacity for producing semiconductor wafers. And with this investment, it made it to the list of the largest silicon mining companies.

Sumco Corporation

Establishment – 1999, Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan

SUMCO Corporation is a global leader. It manufactures silicon wafers for solar batteries and ultra-high-purity quartz for silicon manufacturing. The company was a joint venture between Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries. As of 2013, it is the second-largest silicon wafer producer in the world and continues as one of the biggest silicon mining companies. Using the C.Z. (Czochralski) crystal growth technique, which yields unusually flat and clean silicon wafers, the company currently creates single crystal silicon ingots, epitaxial, polished, and silicon-on-insulator wafers.

Tokuyama Corporation

Establishment – 1918, Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan

Nihon Soda Kogyo Co., Ltd., the company’s previous name, was changed to Tokuyama Corporation in 1994. It presently works in a number of industries, including those involving chemicals, electronics, building supplies, life sciences, and the environment. It generates the highest purity polycrystalline silicon in the world, which supports high-performance semiconductors. Thus, becoming one of the largest silicon mining companies.

Virginia Semiconductor, Inc.

Establishment – 1997, Headquarters – Virginia, United States

A fully integrated manufacturer of bespoke silicon wafers, Virginia Semiconductor, serves clients all around the world. Since the business creates silicon wafers from scratch, it is simple to replicate specs from batch to batch and address problems as they arise. Virginia has also established itself as one of the biggest silicon mining companies that produce

high-quality silicon substrates, silicon wafers with diameters ranging from 1 to 150 mm, and limited amounts of SOI substrates with dimensions between 25.4 and 150 mm.

Wafer Works Corporation

Establishment – 1997, Headquarters -Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Wafer Works is now the sixth-largest maker of silicon wafers in the semiconductor sector after over 20 years as a silicon mining company stock. Through vertically integrated product lines of polished, single-crystal ingot and Epi wafers, the company provides a wide range of wafer options for customers. It also produces silicon wafers with different doping levels, commonly employed in semiconductor devices for digital and power applications. In addition, the company has been making significant investments in alternative energy-saving sectors, including P.V. and LED technologies. This will help them meet consumer demand for more energy-efficient and compact gadgets that will help protect and preserve the environment.

Although this is not an end to the list of silicon mining companies’ stocks, we can say that these are some of the largest silicon mining companies. Therefore, now, we will make you matey with the silicon mining companies in the USA. Wondering, why the USA? Well, the USA is one of the largest producers of Silicon after China. And China has curbed its production. This is why we are going through silicon mining companies in the USA. 

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Silicon production in the U.S

Silicon Mining Companies USA 

Mississippi Silicon- a Silicon Mining Company USA 

Mississippi Silicon produces ten per cent of the silicon metal used in the U.S. It is the first domestic producer of raw silicon metal developed in the last 40 years.

Similar plants have been constructed all around the world since then. Since its inception in late 2015, they have achieved enormous strides. Further, its facility competes directly with Europe, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Brazil. They sell their silicon metal to customers that supply thousands of consumer, industrial and commercial markets in North America and worldwide.

U.S. Silica’s Ottawa

U.S. Silica’s Ottawa is another silicon mining company in the USA. Its plant is North America’s largest silica production facility, fine mining grain and nearly pure quartz sandstone. The reserves are part of the St. Peter Sandstone Formation. Natural gas and electricity are used in its surface mines in Ottawa to produce whole grain and ground silica using various mining methods such as hard rock, mechanical, and hydraulic mining. These silica products have a wide variety of applications, including glass production of all kinds, foundry and refractory sand, abrasives, paint polishes and other fillers, frac sand, filtration sand, and cement testing sands.

Source: Statista

Moving further to some additional information about Silicon production. In the next segment, we connect with the countries with the most silicon production. 

Countries With The Most Silicon Production


China handily tops the list of the world’s top ten silicon-producing countries, with its output exceeding that of all other countries combined! While there is no information about China’s particular reserves, you can bet they are among the world’s largest, allowing for such large-scale production.

The Russian Federation

With around 747,000 tonnes produced annually, Russia is the world’s second-largest producer of silicon, after China. Russia needs silicon in its ever-growing technology industry to compete economically with the West. Russia is now constructing the world’s most significant “Silicon Valley” technological hub. With firms like H.P., Kaspersky, and Vito technologies, Russia’s silicon usage will only increase. Domestic consumption is aided by industries such as transport and construction. Many nations in Asia, Europe, and South America import silicon from the county.

The United States Of America

With over 326,000 tonnes produced each year, the United States is the world’s third-largest producer of silicon. Silicon is utilized in the transportation, construction, and technology industries in the United States, just like in other nations. In the United States, silicon is used to make polysilicon for solar panels and electronics. Smart devices, electrical devices, and hybrid car parts are among the things that the country utilizes and exports.

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