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In this episode we chat to Scott Williamson, MD of…


In this episode we chat to Scott Williamson, MD of Blackstone Minerals who are an Australian based minerals exploration company moving ahead with its flagship Ta Khoa nickel-copper-platinum group element project in Vietnam.

Scott is a mine engineer by background working in operations and corporate roles during his career and took up the MD role 6 years ago and takes us through his journey and what the future is for Blackstone Minerals. He talks about the partnerships they are looking to form with car manufacturers or electronics companies and their attractive ESG credentials.


  • Cobalt was the critical metal in lithium ion batteries, but early exploration was limited. At the same time, Scott’s involvement in South Korea grew, which broadened his influence in the area.
  • Nickel opportunities are rather scarce, with deposits really only appearing in places such as Russia, Australia, Canada, China and Africa.
  • A conventional miner will produce nickel concentrate and sell it to a smelter. The battery industry has no way of dealing with nickel concentrate. Refineries were required.
  • Sulphite nickel is more easily consumed into chemicals and has the benefit of the sulphur within creating its own energy source and acid.


‘It’s been a real roller coaster ride’

‘We looked all around the world for nickel opportunities’

‘Our strategy is built on customer interaction’

‘It was a focus on partners and customers that pushed us into a downstream strategy’




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