Rwanda: The Rise of Asantii to a Global Sustainable Fashion Brand

After winning the prestigious 2024 Rising Sustainable Brand Award in…

After winning the prestigious 2024 Rising Sustainable Brand Award in New York, Rwandan based clothing line Asantii is primed to push their brand to the global market, according to Asanti’s analyst, Noble Nziza.

Founded by Rwandan entrepreneur, Maryse Mbonyumutwa, in 2022, Asantii, in February got recognised during an event hosted by Coterie New York, an organisation that links up-and-coming designers with knowledgeable insiders who can change the direction of fashion. The event was held on February 22, and was attended by 760 other people in the fashion sector from across the world.

Speaking to The New Times, Nziza said that “this prize inspired and motivated Asantii to keep pushing for the globalization of Made in Africa”. He added that Asantii’s road to being a global sustainable brand is truly one with intention and commitment to its people and the planet.

Their commitment to sustainability is based on the concept of “ubuntu,” which translates as humanity; it is the idea that “I am” because “we are.” It is seen largely in how they have established a conducive environment for their workers by giving free lunches, monthly sanitary pads, and subsidized groceries to all factory workers. In addition, they are also committed to providing funds for the education of their factory workers’ children.

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Asantii believes that this is the first project of its kind, as they have made it their mission to add value to the rich skills Africa has. 80 per cent of the materials are sourced from the continent because Asantii is particularly conscious of the origins of its raw resources; their denim is sourced from Egypt, their cotton is sourced from Madagascar, and their added novelty fabrics are hand woven in Burkina Faso. They have also partnered with cooperatives in Rwanda for broidery and in South Africa for beading.