Rough Diamond Value Addition and Beneficiation Highlighting ADPA’s 9th General Meeting

The value addition and beneficiation of diamonds highlighted the proceedings…

The value addition and beneficiation of diamonds highlighted the proceedings at the 9th General Meeting of the African Diamond Producers Association (ADPA) by the Council of Ministers, with the Deputy Minister of Mines and Minerals Resources of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Hon. Umaru Karom, and the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Hon. Zhemu Soda, emphasizing the importance of beneficiation.

Rudairo Mapuranga

Delivering opening remarks, Hon. Karom from Sierra Leone said ADPA conversations will revolve around the current state of beneficiation and value addition, with a particular focus on existing government initiatives that promote this important process.

“It is of utmost importance that beneficiation and value-addition processes within the diamond value chain take place within the respective countries to maximize their economic contribution. The outdated practice of dig and ship should be left behind in the past, especially for many African countries,” he said.

Delivering a keynote address, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Mines and Mining Development Hon. Zhemu Soda, said Zimbabwe is dedicated to maximizing value from diamonds. Minister Soda stated that Zimbabwe is dedicated to maximising the value derived from its diamond resources by promoting local beneficiation and value-addition initiatives.

“We are dedicated to maximizing the value derived from our diamond resources by promoting local beneficiation and value-addition initiatives. Zimbabwe has set a 10% quota policy for local diamond-cutting and polishing companies. This initiative has created jobs and fostered economic diversification,” Hon. Soda said.

Minister Soda also applauded ADPA for organizing the Council of Ministers meeting, which is an opportunity for knowledge sharing on best practices in the diamond sector.

He said Africa should take a leading role in promoting value addition and beneficiation of diamonds.

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“As diamond producers, we should be the leaders in the value addition of our mineral resources. It is time that we take a leading role not as producers of rough diamonds but as suppliers of cut and polished diamonds,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, ADPA Executive Director Ella Muchemwa said the conference should come up with actionable takeaways.

“The key takeaway is to have a list of actionable recommendations,” she said.

African Diamonds Producers Association (ADPA)’s

  • Cooperation between member countries in policies and strategies concerning prospecting, mining, production, cutting and polishing, as well as the development of human resources and acquisition of technologies in the diamondiferous sector.
  • Adoption of harmonized legal solutions and the exchange of information between member countries in areas related to mining and commercialization in which individual states have acquired valuable experience.
  • Promotion of mutual technical assistance in the coordination of policies and strategies of development of the diamondiferous sector.
  • Transformation of conflict diamonds into diamonds of peace and sustainable development.

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