Restoration of Large-Scale Mining at Mazowe Meets Resistance

Efforts to restore large-scale mining operations at Mazowe Mining Company…

Efforts to restore large-scale mining operations at Mazowe Mining Company (MMC)’s Mazowe Mine have encountered significant resistance from local operators, MMC owners, Metallon Corporation, highlighted in a press release.

By Rudairo Mapuranga

According to Metallon, the development to start large-scale operations follows the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development’s directive to shut down unsafe areas managed by artisanal and small-scale miners.

“On January 27, 2024, MMC announced its plans to resume underground shaft operations as part of a broader strategy to reintroduce safer mining practices and extensively rehabilitate the mining areas. MMC’s initiative aligns with the Government of Zimbabwe’s emphasis on safe and sustainable mining practices and its investment in the growth of the critical mining sector.

In a further update, MMC reported that on March 11, 2024, the Ministry of Mines Inspectorate conducted a safety inspection of pit mining operations around Mazowe Mine. The inspection led to the suspension of all unsafe mining practices in the affected areas, effective March 24, 2024. This suspension was intended to halt hazardous operations and pave the way for formal, regulated mining activities.

According to Metallon, despite the legal mandate and MMC’s plans to restore organized mining, there has been notable resistance from some operators in the region. These actions have impeded MMC’s efforts to urgently rehabilitate mining pits and commence safer, large-scale mining operations.

Metallon stated that MMC expressed regret over the obstruction faced in implementing the Government’s order and advancing their rehabilitation initiatives.

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“We regret that this legal Government order and the Mine’s plans to restore organized mining have faced resistance from some operators in the area. These actions have hindered MMC’s efforts to urgently rehabilitate mining pits and commence large-scale, safer mining operations. Mazowe Mine is committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to achieve the following goals:

– Ending all unsafe pit mining and transitioning Mazowe Mine to secure shaft mining, thereby preventing loss of life and protecting local communities and the environment.
– Resuming large-scale underground shaft operations to align with the national goal for responsible and safer mining practices.

“MMC is fully cooperating with all parties to support the Government of Zimbabwe’s vision for safer, sustainable, formal mining,” Metallon Corporation said.

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