North Bay Unveils Promising Assays, Gears Up for Exploration

Feb 23 2024Reviewed by Lexie Corner North Bay Resources Inc….

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North Bay Resources Inc. announces assays (except for sample 23CIR-7) at its newly acquired Copper Island Red-Bed Copper Project in British Columbia, Canada, that had not previously been publicized.

The company has also prepared for exploration, which is anticipated to start in February. The main focus will be the Copper Bell zone (up to 14.7 % Cu).

During the summer of 2023, the company’s exploration efforts involved the collection of eight rock chip samples spanning the Pomeroy 1 and Copper Bell zones—this data, labeled as B.C. Assessment Report 41377 was obtained recently as part of a property acquisition.

The rock chip sampling process included sequential leach for oxide, sulfide, and residual geochemical analysis. Specifically, the copper sequential leach method (ALS method Cu-PKG06LI), which incorporates sulfuric and cyanide leach, was employed to identify oxide, sulfide, and residual copper geochemistry.

Eight rock samples were gathered, ranging from 0.68 to 1.84 kg in weight. These samples, consisting of acorn-sized rock chips, were collected using a rock hammer and moil and placed in marked poly bags. They were then shipped to ALS Chemex Labs Ltd in North Vancouver, BC, for Prep-31 & Cu-PKG06LI sequential leach analysis to determine oxide, sulfide, and residual geochemical composition (Analysis certificate VA23177512).

Pomeroy 1

  • 23CIR-3 7.46 % Cu
  • 23CIR-4 8.48 % Cu
  • 23CIR-5 4.51 % Cu
  • 23CIR-6 3.28 % Cu


  • 33 % oxide Cu,
  • 65.4 % sulphide Cu
  • 1.6 % residual Cu (native copper)

Copper Bell

  • 23CIR-7 14.7 % Cu
  • 23CIR-8 3.42 % Cu


  • 22 % oxide Cu,
  • 76.5 % sulphide Cu,
  • 1.5 % residual Cu (native copper)

Samples 23CIR-1 and 23CIR-2, obtained from areas outside the mineralized zones, yielded nominal results.

Historic Exploration and Development Work

The copper-silver-bearing mineralization of the Pomeroy Group has been the subject of extensive prior research. In 1952–1953, Dodge Copper launched a comprehensive diamond drilling and trenching exploration campaign, marking the beginning of modern exploration. Dodge Copper dug 8800 feet of holes total on a variety of deposits.

Prince Stewart Mines Ltd. undertook extensive trenching and drilling of the mineralized zones from 1972 to 1974. After Copper Island Mines Ltd. purchased the claims in 2011, a geochemical sampling campaign was started on the Pomeroy, Beaver, and Colleen Zones.

Many new and ancient copper-silver-containing mineral occurrences yielded >2 % Cu in a sizable fraction of the geochemical sampling. Within the Project area, there are nine British Columbia MINFILE sites.


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