Nordic Iron Ore applies for additional exploration permit at Blötberget

An application for an extra exploration permit near Blötberget has been submitted by Nordic Iron Ore AB to Bergsstaten.

exploration permit

Preliminary investigations have indicated potential for future development in the region. If the area is successfully explored further, Nordic Iron Ore could have further mineral resources.

The geology of the region and previously investigated regions have become better understood because to Nordic Iron Ore’s own exploration efforts and its involvement in the EU-financed project Smart Exploration. It’s also important to remember that the region has already witnessed a number of small-scale mining activities.

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Apart from the actions taken by Smart Exploration, magnetic data show that the mineralization in Blötberget extends towards the northeast and may be easier to mine. This suggests that there is potential for more investigation in the region. As a result, the business has applied again to Bergsstaten for Blötberget nr 6, which is an exploratory permission. The goal is to start core drilling in the region when the application is approved.

We have submitted our second application for a new exploration permit in the last year, which is encouraging to see that our exploratory activity is moving forward. The goal of the project is to increase the company’s mineral resources in order to extend the mine’s life and boost profitability for Blötberget’s upcoming mining activities, according to Ronne Hamerslag, VD at Nordic Iron Ore.

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