Nigeria: Vizo Unveils Revolutionary Gold Trading, Bill Settlement, Virtual Trading App

Precious Ugwuzor A comprehensive, safe, and secured application for digital…

Precious Ugwuzor A comprehensive, safe, and secured application for digital assets management and trading of actual gold has debuted on play store and iOS. It is called Vizo, formerly known as Zupago.

The app is also a wallet system that enables bill settlements and trading of digital assets.

This Nigerian created but globally recognized innovative app is set to revolutionalise digital payments and asset acquisition. A statement signed by the digital assets exchange firm and signed by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Olajide Abiola, said trading has since begun on the platform.

Backed by partnership lincensed to trade Gold, the platform (Vizo) is the first digital wallet in Nigeria to enable individuals to buy and hold gold in small fractions and increments as a store of value in Nigeria,” the statement reads.

“This means that users can buy as little as 1 gram. When they do, the actual physical Gold equivalent is deposited with the bank as a pool. It is the first gold digital trading platform that is backed by real Gold.

So far, users have begun to give impressive and positive feedback regarding their experiences.

” Vizo also enables tokenization and redemption of virtual gift cards.

Other services offered by the platform include: facilitation and the enabling of fund transfers in and out of bank accounts.

Meanwhile, security and safety are critical to the platform this is why it validates the identity of users. The app requires proper identity authentication and verification of its users, ensuring safety and security for all. The KYC system is seamless and top of the range, adhering to global best practices and national regulatory compliances, Gazakir Bashir, the Head of Finance stated.

For virtual currency users, Vizo incorporates a digital wallet for crypto related transactions with one of the fastest processing times.

“You can purchase airtime and pay your electricity bills via the platform as all DisCos are on it,” Mr Abiola said.

The App can be downloaded on both the Google Play store and Apple App store through the

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