Newmont overcomes COVID-19 challenges to complete Musselwhite gold mine work

Newmont says that two main ventures at its Musselwhite mine…

Newmont says that two main ventures at its Musselwhite mine at Lake Opapimiskan, Ontario, Canada, with maximum commissioning of the conveyor system of the mine and the material handling project, have been completed successfully.

Tom Palmer, President and CEO of Newmont, said “I am extremely proud of the work that the team at Musselwhite has completed to securely deliver these two critical projects while managing the unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19.” Musselwhite is an important aspect of our area of North America, and it is poised to add to Newmont’s portfolio for years to come with the commissioning of these two initiatives.

The conveyor machine and the material handling systems operate in association to effectively transfer material from lower mine depths to the floor, according to Newmont. When the ore crushed at depth is hoisted from the underground crushers to the conveyor system and carried to the surface for processing, haul distances are decreased.

Research began back in 2016 on the $90 million materials handling project to enhance the movement of ore to the plant.

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