New Frontier in Mining: Medium-scale Mines Association formed

Medium-scale miners in Zimbabwe have formed an organization known as…

Medium-scale miners in Zimbabwe have formed an organization known as the Junior Chamber of Miners Zimbabwe (JCMZ), to promote the growth and development of medium-scale mines in the country.

Rudairo Mapuranga

Speaking to Mining Zimbabwe, the organization’s Secretary-General, Dosman Mangisi, said JCMZ would be an affiliate of the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe. He implored that JCMZ aims to address issues that affect medium-scale miners who appear to have been sidelined in representation.

Mangisi mentioned that the idea was conceived in 2017 and was revived last year.

“The Junior Chamber is an incubator for those miners who have an appetite to grow, miners who are operating at a medium and not-so-professional level. We aim to train them in ways to secure funding by engaging stakeholders like Fidelity Gold Refinery (FGR) and the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) and also encourage them to list on the stock exchange.

“We look forward to their investment in exploration for professional mining, and we will collaborate with stakeholders like the Zimbabwe School of Mines (ZSM) to advance knowledge sharing,” Mangisi said.

According to Mangisi, the Junior Chamber will hold a quarterly meeting on April 5th, where the association’s roadmap will be unveiled.

He mentioned that the organization proposes to work with the Zimbabwe School of Mines to create a calendar of technical visits supervised by professional mining trainers.

After these technical visits, it will be the association’s responsibility to share the findings of the medium-scale miners with relevant stakeholders to craft growth and development solutions.

While JCMZ is currently not affiliated with any organization, Mangisi proposed it to be an affiliate of the Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines, collaborating with four critical committees: the Gold Development Committee, the Non-metal Committee chaired by the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ), Safety Health, and Training chaired by the Zimbabwe School of Mines, and the Mining Business Development Committee.

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According to Mangisi JCMZ will have eight executives, with Mr Brian Samuriwo of Time Styreming Mining company in Matabeleland South province elected as President.

The first vice president is Mr Prosper Shumba of King Solomon Resources in Bindura, and the second Vice president is Mr Lufeyi Shato.

The Secretary-General is Mr Dosman Mangisi, who is the Chief Operating Officer at the Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries and the treasurer is Mr. Panashe Guyo of Panjan Mining Company in Kwekwe.

All the executives are renowned miners with thriving mining projects and businesses in different provinces.


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