Namibia’s mining license applications to go digital in 2024

Mining license applications will go computerized in January 2024, when…

Mining license applications will go computerized in January 2024, when the application process will shift to a digital platform.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon Tom Alweendo, said during a press conference this week that the ministry has revised the licensing process, eliminating the necessity for physical submissions.

Alweendo further stated that the new system will eliminate backlogs because applications may now be submitted on a daily basis, resulting in a more simplified procedure for all applicants.


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Furthermore, to promote openness and efficiency, there will be four submission windows for licensing applications each year.

The minister added that as more people were submitting applications every day, his ministry will review every application to remove backlogs.


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Alweendo reiterated that Namibia will not export critical raw minerals, a decision which some observers speculated prompted the European Investment Bank to reassess its support for the Namibian mining sector.

“Our policy stance is that we will not allow the exportation of these minerals without adding value to those minerals, and the Cabinet has decided in this respect,” he concluded.

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