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In this episode, we chat with a returning guest Michael…


In this episode, we chat with a returning guest Michael Konnert (Episode 78 back in May 2020). He is the CEO and Founder of Vizsla Silver Corp, a junior mining company, exploring, developing, and acquiring precious and base metal assets in Mexico.


Michael is the young entrepreneur at the helm of Vizsla Silver where he has achieved a lot in a short space of time. In this episode, he discusses the exciting things that have happened over the last 12-14 months. As well as sharing details of Vizsla Copper, a spin-out company that they have recently formed.





  • Over the last 20 months Vizsla has made several significant silver discoveries.
  • They have raised over $110 million for the company.
  • Vizsla turned CoVid into an opportunity by using the pause to drill deeper into where they would explore next.
  • The CoVid crisis has helped to make them even more nimble.
  • Treating the community as owners and giving them options is something Vizsla believes in doing.
  • Shareholders of Vizsla Silver will become shareholders of Vizsla Copper. As they will if the highly promising Beasley copper project comes to fruition.
  • Inflation is going to be good for metals.
  • Silver is a very tight market. Demand does not need to go up much for the price to soar.
  • Most green projects rely heavily on electrification and the building of new infrastructure so there will be huge demand for metals.




‘In less than 10 years, Vizsla has gone from exploration to being silver´s next big growth story out of Mexico. ´

‘It’s great to see what a bit of mineral exploration and discovery can do for an area and community.’



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