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In this episode we chat to Kurt Budge, Chief Executive…


In this episode we chat to Kurt Budge, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Beowulf Mining, a London and Stockholm-listed junior exploration and development company, predominantly focused on the Nordic area, with an interest in exploration in Kosovo, and who have exposure to iron ore, graphite, base and precious metals.

We talk about working for major mining company vs junior miners, and the challenges in the junior market when it comes to fundraising, resources, time, money, people, plus much more.


  • The coal industry was all about operations, man-management, dealing with communities and authorities. It was a very hands-on experience that educated in many pursuits.
  • In the world of venture capital, one of the most important lessons is that in a turnaround situation, there is a need for necessary violence. Taking action preserves cash, which is fundamental.
  • Building successful relationships in business comes down to your personality, your engagement, your demonstration of commitment, and delivering upon your promises.
  • Mining in Sweden has generated much of its wealth, and is therefore seen as an industry that needs to be protected, even in the wake of the COVID effect.
  • Mining gives us the opportunity to make a very real, and very meaningful difference to the world. Those who work in the industry love the challenge, the people, and the opportunities.


‘Mining is definitely in the blood’

‘Private equity is about great flexibility and unconstrained thinking’

‘It’s problem or challenge after another that just need solving. Solutions need to be found’

‘We cannot give up. We cannot walk away. That would not be the right outcome’

‘I’m a sucker for a challenge’



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Rob Tyson is an established recruiter in the mining and quarrying sector and decided to produce the “Dig Deep” The Mining Podcast to provide valuable and informative content around the mining industry. He has a passion and desire to promote the industry and the podcast aims to offer the mining community an insight to peoples experiences and careers covering any mining discipline, giving the listeners helpful advice and guidance on industry topics.

Rob is the Founder and Director of Mining International Ltd, a leading global recruitment and headhunting consultancy based in the UK specialising in all areas of mining across the globe from first world to third world countries from Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. We source, headhunt and discover new and top talent talent through a targeted approach and search methodology and have a proven track record in sourcing and positioning exceptional candidates into our clients organisation in any mining discipline or level. Mining International provides a transparent, informative and trusted consultancy service to our candidates and clients to help them develop their careers and business goals and objectives in this ever-changing marketplace.





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