Mining companies need to become leaders in ESG, says GlobalData

Metals and minerals will play an important role in the…


Metals and minerals will play an important role in the global transition to a greener future. Mining executives now have a choice: let environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues run them out of business or use it as an opportunity to become tomorrow’s leader, says GlobalData.

The leading data and analytics company notes that companies need to act immediately and decisively so every mining company becomes a leader in ESG, including outlining a comprehensive ESG action plan and creating a dedicated sustainability team to deliver these outcomes.

The leading data and analytics company has outlined an ESG framework in its latest report, ESG in Mining The framework notes that companies must take a holistic approach to sustainability that addresses all three of its major aspects: environmental, social, and governance.

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Luke Gowland, Analyst at GlobalData, commented: “ESG issues are the most important of this decade – with citizens, governments, regulators, and the media demanding action from corporations to address these challenges. Mining companies must perform well in all of the 12 aspects of GlobalData’s ESG framework: being a laggard in any one of these will hurt the brand reputation and, ultimately, profits.”
Gowland continues: “It is easy to find examples of lackluster governance in mining but much harder to find exemplary case studies. Companies that perform poorly in environmental and social issues likely do so due to poor governance. In the wake of COVID-19, corporate boards need to ensure their company performs financially while keeping ESG at the top of the agenda. Corporate boards must have diverse representation to achieve this or risk facing voting action from their shareholders. By appointing a more diverse range of directors to a board and empowering them, a company is more likely to be in tune with its employee base, a broad range of stakeholders, and society.

GloalData notes that early engagement with all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and local communities is key for mining companies to excel at ESG.

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